Update: Coloring the Map Yellow

Just a quick update on my adventure to get readers throughout the world. My first post about this fun challenge is here. Since that post, the number of countries as grown to 40! I’m very excited about this, especially because I love learning about different cultures and countries. Here are comparison maps between when this challenge began, and today. Check out the growing yellow!

Map from the original post.                 Today’s current map.

The most views of the blog come from: United States, Netherlands, India, United Kingdom and Croatia. A special shout out to the readers from those countries who continue to be faithful to checking in on the blog. Some of the new countries included: Ukraine, Hungary, Ethiopia & Iraq. Here are some interesting facts about those countries:

Ukraine – Lviv has the highest amount of cafes per capita with around 1500 establishments total. (Lviv population ~730.000 people). This sparked my interested because I always enjoy a flavorful cup of coffee/espresso (so far, my favorite is coffee from Ethiopia.).

Hungary – The government must approve your child’s name. This sounded a bit overbearing; however, as a former educator, I do believe this could hold some value in a few cases. 😉

Ethiopia – This is the only African country that was never brought under colonial control throughout its history. Seeing the complex changes that happen to a family once they become residents inside a different culture led me towards finding this fact to be of interest. Maintaining control over their land must have enabled Ethiopians to stay firmly rooted in their culture’s beliefs and traditions.

Iraq – Production of honey and its trade is a major industry in Iraq. Honey is known as a miracle cure in the country, and has the ability to treat headaches, arthritis and many other ailments. Multiple wars suffered by the country had a negative effect on this industry. Have you ever tasted honey from another country??? My taste buds are always charmed when I get the opportunity to try honey from another country, or region. Next time you get the chance, give it a try!

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Digital Addictions?

I read an interesting article today that was on the NY Post website about the effects of digital technology on today’s children (click on the word “article” to read the original post). I’d like to hear your thoughts on the topic…share below.


Ahmeli… that we encourage our children to interact with the world around them, instead of living their childhoods connected to a screen.

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Being a Champion for My Boy

Several months ago, I read a book entitled Your Boy by Vicki Courtney. My world was somewhat shaken when the realities of what will face my, at the time, unborn son streamed across the pages. After several pep talks with others, I regained my confidence and ventured happily into motherhood. Flash forward a year later and I come upon a documentary, The Mask You Live In. Once again, I found myself packing our suitcases to head to a remote village in the middle of nowhere (wherever that town is located).

The film described many realities that young men face in our society (I’ll refrain from stating details so that you can watch the insightful film for yourself.). Situations and experiences help to shape who we are and I understand the value in going through hard times to strengthen traits within our personalities. Yet at the same time, I am a mother who wants to protect her child. It’s like that saying (not sure who originally said it), “I don’t want you making the same mistakes that I made.” My desire is to prevent my son from feeling heartache and to save him from an array of negative emotions; yet at the same time, I want him to go through life and become the man that he was created to be through the molding that takes place when we succeed, and when we fail. (I’m kind of feeling like this post is a pep talk to myself.)


As a new mom, I’m trying to balance these worlds. Allowing the Be-The-Hero world to slowly blend with the Let-Them-Have-At-It world. Providing for my child’s needs, without raising a kid who is completely dependent on me into adulthood. So, as I reflected (and cried and laughed and cried more) on the statistics of our society and the world that is developing around my son, I created a list of 4 things that I want to focus on as his mother…

  • Provide an environment where expressing emotions is modeled. There are many stereotypes associated with when/how a man expresses emotions. Yet he is human, and because of this, he experiences many feelings throughout various scenarios. I want to provide my son with a home where he is free to express his feelings, and a place where he sees his parents modeling those expressions. It is okay to feel anger, sadness, frustration, failure, happiness and so much more. And as individuals, there are different ways in which we can express those sentiments in a healthy manner.


  • Encourage him to participate in activities that allow him to hone in on his unique talents. The future can be huge, if we allow it to be. I want my son to feel that his special skills can be used where he feels most led. Just because he is a boy does not mean he has to play sports, but if that’s his passion, he will be supported. It will be okay if he enjoys reading a book under a tree, instead of climbing up the branches. If he likes singing, he can sing his heart out. One of the advantages I feel our family has is that we are a blend of two cultures. What is taboo in one culture, is often the norm in the other culture. This allows our son to experience diversity in what he can participate in throughout life. His talents can blossom wherever they take root.

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The Mama Hours


Doesn’t describe the day


Doesn’t describe the night

Baby waking, nursing, diaper changing, cooking, exercising, naptime, dog walking, snack time, cleaning, playtime, cooking, writing, laundry washing, cooking, fueling the car, diaper changing, nursing, playdate, naptime, hanging laundry, organizing room, meal prep, meeting, phone call, social networking, diaper changing, nursing, playing, snacking, paying bills, gift shopping, card writing, diaper changing, dinner meeting, organizing schedules, nursing, playing, cleaning, washing dishes, reading, diaper changing, bathing, changing clothes, nursing, infant rocking…


Doesn’t describe the day


Doesn’t describe the night

Meal planning, kitchen organizing, laundry washing, washing dishes, networking, emailing, showering, teeth brushing, changing clothes, dog walking, car cleaning, writing, TV reviewing, snacking, birthday planning, text responding, picture sending, dish washing, carpet vacuuming, alarm setting, laundry hanging, bathroom cleaning, part-time working, letter writing, email replying, Facebook checking, quickly Tweeting, Instagram smiling, WordPress reading, sign making, devotion reading, heartfelt praying, reflective journaling, slowly nodding…


Doesn’t describe the day


Doesn’t describe the night


Ahmeli… that we can all appreciate the efforts of every person in a parenting role. 

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Joining the Band Wagon

A few weeks ago, I was reading a blog by Weird Weekends. He’s a creative writer who blends his weird interests with clever humor. He recently revealed a secret obsession (check it out here). This post drove me to want to jump on the band wagon. Weird Weekends is interested in getting readers from all over the world. Personally, I had never thought of that. However, being new to the blogging world, his post taught me about the WordPress feature that allows you to view where your readers are located throughout the world. Given my love for communities and cultures, Weird Weekend’s post soon became my obsession. I have now checked my map each week. So, what does it look like? Here you are:


The yellow represents areas where readers of the blog are located. The orange represents the country with the most readers.

As a result of this new band wagon stolen obsession, I would like to invite you to send your friends from around the world my blogsite (ahmeli.com) as we join together to add more color to this map. Over the past month, several countries have visited my page and this has driven me to research some new countries and recall fond memories of friends from other, more familiar, countries. I must agree with Weird Weekends, it is VERY exciting to see a new country added to the map/list. There are currently 35 different countries represented on this map as having people who have viewed Ahmeli. We can surely find readers throughout more of South America and Africa. Netherlands is one of the top viewers, and I have since read more about life over there. Beautiful place! I was sure to tell my friends from Greece that someone in their country is representing. And I was interested in seeing countries such as Pakistan and Czech Republic join the list over the recent days.

A quilt I made from fabric sent throughout the world. The blue patch (located on the back) states the countries that are represented. This was such an exciting adventure as we collected fabric from around the world and visually displayed how beautiful and unique diversity is, especially when brought together.

Okay, this is a short post today, so that gives you some extra minutes to reach out to your friends and help me reach the goal of getting the whole map yellow! Thanks in advance for your efforts! Leave a comment below that tells us all one interesting fact about your country (EVEN if your country is already listed). Shhh…. perhaps we can even beat Weird Weekends pace. 😉


Ahmeli… that this map turns yellow, but more importantly, that people are drawn into the blog and become regular readers/commentators as we join in growing through learning from one another’s unique experiences.

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Drive…Drive Far Away

Looking around the world

wondering what’ll happen next.

Reading the news, watching the clips, seeing the images…

wondering, “When will it end?”

I just want to drive … drive far away.


Attacks during 2016 in








Burkina Faso,





the list goes on and on.

I want to drive… drive far away.


Societies are crashing.

Governments are failing.

Money is controlling.

Education is depleting.

I want to drive… drive far away.


Hatred is flourishing.

Love is missing.

Honor is deceiving.

Kinship is dividing.

I want to drive… drive far away.


Is it the rise of a terror group?

The capabilities of social media?

A path away from God?

Or nothing new at all?

I want to drive… drive far away.


The pain, agony, hardship, murders, anger, hatred, frustration, shouting, blasting, greed.

I want to drive… drive far away.


But then I stand here…because driving away will not change the mindset of a country, a nation, a culture, a religion, an ethnic group, a disturbed mind, a government, a neighbor, a family.


No; driving away will only separate the temporary from the reality. I know this. I see this. I feel this. I acknowledge this.


Yet still… I want to drive… drive far away.


Ahmeli… that instead of driving away, we come together as a society and work towards bettering our world.

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Monday’s Moment


Mother and Child. Partners in this game called Life.