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Living as a Village in an Individualistic Society (Part 2 of 2)

*If you did not get a chance to read Part 1, you can do so here.

A Swedish proverb, “Honor the house in which you were born, the tree that gave you shade, and the village where you were raised,” reflects the view of a village mentality being beneficial. Within my first post, I noted my views on the village mentality versus an individualistic one. In today’s post, I’m providing concrete examples of how people can live in a village while residing in an individualistic society.


Will you stay behind the door, or will you enter out into the world and interact with those in the village?

Parking for me and none for you. In the recent weeks, our area experienced a snowstorm which lead to parking spaces needing shoveled throughout our city. Our family opted to buy a house that includes a driveway; however, not all of the houses on our block have driveways so some people must parallel park (note-worthy to mention the street is only one block long, so people do not have to walk very far when visiting homes on this ONE block). After parking spaces were shoveled out, the next week displayed an example of how we could have functioned more as a village than individuals. Snow was piled between some parking spaces, thus limiting the amount of spaces available on the street. I noticed over several days that as a guy would leave his house in the morning, his wife would drift her car forward in an effort to block off both of the parking spots so that no one else could park there all day. Now, I understand that people want a place to park when they arrive home, but here are a few of the issues that I have with that individualistic mindset: it is selfish, the guy is very young and physically capable of walking a few more feet if the spot is occupied when he comes home later that day, one of these spots is actually in front of our property and this family didn’t actually do any of the shoveling that many others completed when the storm occurred. A village mindset embraces looking out for one another and helping each other, even before one’s self.

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They’re Always Watching

Today we were cleaning the house. The swifter was out, but had not yet been used. Little One walked over, picked it up and began cleaning. He even moved the rugs to clean under them like his Mama and Baba do. We never directly “taught” him this and he literally just turned 17-months-old. Children are ALWAYS watching. As parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends…We should never forget that fact. 

Living as a Village in an Individualistic Society (Part 1 of 2)



Do you stay behind the glass door, or do you go outside and engage with the community around you?

For quite some time I have struggled with why members of society function in manners that seem somewhat selfish and uncaring. Searching for the reason, I have engaged in many conversations with people from different backgrounds, while pressuring myself to step outside of my comfort-zone. Growing up in the American society has generally lead me down the path that many in my generation (and I’d venture to say even more so with the younger generations) have entered – the path of individualism. We are searching for how to display our uniqueness, how to climb the corporate ladder the quickest, how to gain success in the easiest (perhaps read laziest) manner and at the end of the day, how to get what I want. Years before I became a parent, I believed in the African proverb quote, “It takes a village to raise a child,” yet it was only during the past few years that I actually began to live out that belief.

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