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There was no way that I could watch this video and not pass it on… truly beautiful.


Review: American Baghdad

About three months ago, I was visiting a friend in New York City and he told me that he recently watched a short documentary entitled American Baghdad. (I strongly encourage you to take a few minutes to watch this short film to gain a better understanding of people who may come from a different place than you.) Time passed and I completely forgot to look into watching it, until today.

From my experiences and interactions with others, I found this documentary to be an accurate depiction of Iraq and its people. Highlighted in this short video are primarily two generations – the older, and the younger. The older generation appreciates their opportunity to safely live in America, while they lovingly long to be back in their motherland. They know it is unsafe to move back home, but yet they still miss the pieces of their lives that were there. Often when we speak of refugees (or also, people who were granted asylum somewhere), I do not think we recognize that they can value being in a safer geographic location, while still having a heart that desires to be home. These individuals leave their country because they are forced to leave. It is unsafe for them to remain living there. That does not have to equate to where they want to be. Those can honestly be two different things and that is okay. Who would want to be uprooted from your home…your family…your professional career…your friends…your memories? American Baghdad displays the genuine sense of security and gratefulness for a new country, while still having a heart that longs for home.

At the same time, the younger generation is having a slightly different experience. Like their elders, they value living in a new country. This younger generation also sees their life as being firmly established here. They more quickly adjust to life in a new culture, with a new language, new types of food, new people and everything else that comes with this huge life transition. The youth then begin to build memories in their new country and they have not yet begun their professional careers, so the future is wide and completely new for them as they go throughout childhood. I believe that makes things easier for this generation as they begin to build their new lives in their new country.

Those differences being identified, there was much in this film that I have repeatedly heard from the individuals whom I have met over the years. The fact that many subgroups were part of the Iraqi culture. The fact that religions lived alongside one another peacefully. The fact that life may have been hard over the years in that specific region, but they fully loved their country (This touches me personally because I feel like in my lifetime, I have only seen that deep love for one’s country right after 9/11 and after a few months, it seemed to disappear again. I long to see that passion in today’s youth within my country.). The fact that people were thriving, even with hardships. The fact that people were friendly, warm and inviting. The fact that humanity could bloom, even when under the rule of a harsh dictator.

And then, it was all taken away.

Ahmeli… that we would lovingly have honest and open dialogue with those who are different from “us” as we strive to become a more united and humbled country.

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Celebrating a Bilingual Child


The title page of Sleep Tight, Little Wolf.

Although Little One is still too young to read books, we have been actively reading to


A page from the book. 

him in an effort to develop and enrich language skills (along with so much more!). To go along with speaking two languages in our house, we have also included books from both
languages in Little One’s library. (Initially this began when a friend bought Little One a few books in Arabic. It was such a thoughtful and cherished gift!) Since then, we have looked for books that will enrich both languages, while providing the opportunity for Little One to see the different alphabet characters in print.

Tonight’s bedtime book was Sleep Tight, Little Wolf by Ulrich Renz. It’s a cute book with nice illustrations; however, the reason I am sharing it is because I love the reason the author has created this book. I’ve included a picture of the description for you to read.


If you are promoting a second language in your home, I strongly recommend this children’s book. It’s a great way to celebrate a bilingual child!


Little One enjoying his book.

Ahmeli… that we would foster a love for reading at an early age; it’s an amazing gift to give your child.

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Such a Fun Surprise!


Shattered in Him (Her blog includes very inspiring posts that I recommend to those of you who are reading this.) nominated me for this and I accepted the challenge, because (a selfish reason first) it’s the first time I was every nominated for anything with my blog and it’s exciting! J I also decided to follow through with it (a more mature response here) because I sincerely appreciate the people who faithfully read my blog and I’d like to encourage others to check out some interesting blogs I have found along the way.


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Magical Message

There will not be a lot of words to read for this post; instead, watch this video. It is of Jon Dorenbos who is an NFL football player, a contestant on America’s Got Talent, and SO much more! Watch him combine fascinating magic tricks, with a message that is sure to touch your heart.

Ahmeli… that we would use our talents to inspire others to create a better world for us all. 

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Book: Heartprints


Heartprints by P.K. Hallinan

Little One was recently gifted with a new book, Heartprints by P.K. Hallinan. The author defines heartprint as “the impression left behind by a deliberate act of kindness.” Through real life examples in kid-friendly language, children learn ways that they can leave heartprints in the lives of those whom they interact with. Most of the examples are small acts that have deep power in how they impact another person. This book is a wonderful addition to any library for readers big or small. You can pick up a copy for yourself, or as a gift for someone else at this site among many others.


Little One discovering Heartprints.

You won’t be disappointed!

Ahmeli… that we teach our children how to leave heartprints on others.


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Book Review: Mommy Needs A Raise (Because Quitting’s Not an Option)

  In no job other than motherhood does God provide you your own anthropologist: someone with big observations in a little body who sees the simple and important underneath the complicated and difficult. Somehow, and without knowing it, children understand the nature and essence of humankind.

As we, mothers, look around at our friends, our co-workers, the neighbors, and even complete strangers, we often find ourselves comparing our parenting skills – or lack thereof on some days. In her book Mommy Needs a Raise (Because Quitting’s Not an Option), Sarah Parshall Perry combines Biblical values and sound advice with her personal experiences of the unbelievable aspects of parenting. Sarah has written an easy-to-read book that is divided into chunks that can fit into even the busiest mom’s life. Her sense of humor and honesty will leave you laughing, crying and feeling relief as you recognize that


The multi-tasking of motherhood.

you are not alone in the parenting adventures. In this book, you will discover how Sarah transitioned from being a lawyer to tackling the world of being a stay-at-home-mom. Even though she chose specific routes in raising her three children, she warmly encourages women to embrace the choices their family makes as she acknowledges that every family is unique. Whether you are a mom-to-be, a first-time mom, or a seasoned mother, Mommy Needs a Raise (Because Quitting’s Not an Option) is sure to be a book that serves up a plate of encouragement with a side of humor as Sarah helps unite mothers from all walks of life as we celebrate the joys (and bumps) of motherhood.


Ahmeli… that mamas can find some humor in the not-so-funny moments. 


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