About the Author

A warm summer day. Ten people. Four bags. Confusion over why a carseat is a better option than a mother’s lap. Excitedly riding in a van. Four different languages being spoken. Smiles exchanged (you know… the being nice, yet I’m extremely confused, kind). A tour of a new “home.” Greetings to strangers. Explaining the usage of a bathroom door (as it became too late). Practicing operating the gas stove, while pulling out the supplies to enjoy tea. And if you saw a still photo of a scene from this story, you’d probably ask yourself, “Why is that woman there?” Because – this is who I am. The one who looks like she doesn’t “fit” where you find her, and yet it is the place where I feel the greatest peace.

My name is Brandy and my love for writing has chased after me for years, even when I ignored the knocking on the door. Along with my passion for the art of the written word, I treasure the God-given moments spent with my husband and our son as we explore the days together from enjoying an intercultural meal with friends, to discussing what we discovered during the workday while folding laundry. Previously, I was a teacher in an urban school district (enough said!). Teaching challenged me to improve where I was flawed so that I could better service children and in an effort to remain positive when the atmosphere feels so draining. Over the years, this teacher relished the moments when she saw character developing and held on to those glimmers of hope when everything else felt so dim. Because of those students, I was able to strengthen my tomorrows. I’m now a stay-at-home mom and, interestingly enough, I have more to do now than when I worked 60+ hours a week as a teacher. But I wouldn’t change it for the world! Motherhood has grown me in ways I never imagined and I strive to enjoy each day (even the stressful ones).

Robert Frost’s words, “…and I, I took the one less traveled by. And that has made all the difference,” resonates deep in my soul. I’ve discovered in life that some decisions are easier than others, and some are more commonly chosen then their counterparts. Like anyone, I’ve made good and bad decisions; yet, I find that life often takes me down the less traveled path. At times this leads to pain and confusion, while others times it creates opportunities that I never dreamed could exist. So… come on this journey with me. Let’s explore our today and strengthen our tomorrow.

Ahmeli… that this blog clearly displays my love for writing while our interactions lead to mutual inspiration & growth.