About Ahmeli

Exploring Today ~ Strengthening Tomorrow. This is the inspiration for my blog, Ahmeli (Arabic for “my hope”).

One of the greatest joys I have had in life is listening, or reading, the stories of other people’s lives. To explore what happens in their day is to open a new window in my own life. Although I may not always agree with another person’s point-of-view, I can always take a lesson from their experience – whether it is considered “good,” or “bad.”  This 190529_10150466075630611_2754784_nexploration is important to me because it allows me the opportunity to strengthen my
tomorrow. Through listening to their stories, or reflecting upon my own adventures in life, my views and feelings are further developed. Sometimes I learn something new and my horizons are expanded; other times my view is sharpened to a finer point. No matter which route the exploration takes me, I have found that I tend to always learn a lesson and from that lesson, my hope is to strengthen my journey. The purpose of this blog is that I would be able to share my love for writing as I document aspects of my “todays” that lead us to constructive dialogue, thus allowing us to strengthen our “tomorrows.”

Ahmeli… that through exploring my blog, you too are able to strengthen your tomorrow.


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*Ahmeli welcomes and invites visitors to express their views by sharing a comment. That being said, we do maintain the belief of having a respectful environment where varying views can be expressed and discussed. If a comment is abusive, off-topic, or conveying an attacking message, it will be deleted from the site. Likewise, advertisements and spam are not accepted on the threads. If you have any questions about these guidelines, please send an e-mail through the link above. Thank you for your understanding and enjoy Ahmeli!*


3 thoughts on “About Ahmeli

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  2. I did not know the meaning of your blog name. Does the girl name “Amelie” derive from it, I wonder? It is a lovely name – both for a girl and a blog. 😉


    • It is Arabic for “my hope.” I briefly mention it here: https://ahmeli.com/about/. One key purpose of my blog is the hope that we can learn from today in an effort to strengthen tomorrow. Ahmeli (I hope) to gain new insights from my readers, and perhaps they will gain a new perspective from something I write as well. 😉


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