So much to be aware of…


Are you kind?

Are you mean?

Does your RBF offend others?

Should you care if it offends others?


The history of your past.

The uncertainty of your future.

The friendships that have faded.

The emptiness of being alone.


Various contexts from which statements are pulled.

Different language barriers that can warp your words.

Cultural assumptions about the role of family.

Feelings of confusion, while searching for the known.


How are your actions interpreted?

Does it even matter?

What can you do to make things brighter?

When does the pain escape?


But in your attempt to be aware,

do you lose focus of it all?

A balancing act in life:

To be aware, yet not let it control you.


Ahmeli… that we can balance the act of being aware. 

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via Daily Prompt: Aware


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