Kind Words Warm Cold Days


It’s cold right now in our area as we trek through the winter months. Nevertheless, the cold weather never keeps us away from getting our shopping done at the local market. It was there, today, that kind words warmed up the cold day.

As we walked through the aisles in the market, a lady whom we know from there approached us. She told my husband, “I saw you on TV the other day.” They had a casual conversation about the report and then as we were parting ways, she said something so kind (and even though she doesn’t completely know my husband, it is oh so very true of him!). She explained that her previous career, until retirement, was as an elementary teacher and that the teachers would handle hard events in a delicate manner with the young students. In paraphrasing, she said, “When events like 9/11 happened, we would tell the small children that if anything bad happens, they should look for the ‘helpers’. We explained that these people will help to keep them safe and that would bring comfort to the students.” Then she concluded by placing her hand on my husband’s shoulder and saying in a solemn voice, “You are one of those people. You are a helper.” And with that, we all warmly smiled and parted ways.

This lady might not know my husband, but she is completely correct! He is a helper. He is a safe person. He is the one that keeps the peace. The one who calms others. The person people turn to when their worlds feel out of control, or even just slightly uneasy. God gave him a special gift and he humbly exerts it each day as he interacts with everyone – from family members, to a newly arrived refugee, to coworkers, to a random stranger on the street. And during these challenging days, that dear lady in the market offered the kindest words that warmed this cold day. Thank you!


Ahmeli… that we don’t shy away from saying something kind to someone we pass, even if we do not know them well. You may never know the impact of your words.

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