Monday’s Moment

Witnessing the constant curiosity of Little One is well worth any sacrifice. 


Cuffs & Kids


I watched a video from the TODAY Show this evening. (View the video here.) Part of apple-256261_1920me thought about clicking to the next video and moving on, but my stomach began to turn and my pulse began to beat faster – I knew I had to write a post about that which wasn’t shared by the media during this report.

So, a general overview (if you didn’t watch the video)… the report focuses on the increased amount of students being cuffed inside schools and even having charges brought against them. Interviewees spoke of their concerns about the connection between handcuffing children and the way it makes the kids feel. The reporter provided data on the statistics of African American students and students with disabilities.

Now, let me just say a few things (and I am going to really control myself and not type 1,000,000 words because I think I could about this topic). I have taught for several years in a public school that was close to 100% African-American. I also spent even more years teaching only students with disabilities. So my experience lines up with the data that was given. It’s no secret, I’m not a fan of “data” because data can often be shaped and twisted to say whatever the researcher (or person paying money) wants it to say. There’s plenty of examples out there if you want to research that challenge. During my years of teaching, I saw students handcuffed and students restrained. Additionally, I was trained to perform restraints myself. Here’s my take on my personal experiences over several years where cuffs and kids were both inside the schools.

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He is the light of peace.

Sometimes God opens the door, you walk through it and you step into peace.


Some days things go better than you envisioned.


Situations can go either direction, and sometimes that direction is upward.


Words can be cut like daggers, or be smoothed in love.


No matter the hardships in life, there can always be a hope for peace.



Peace for a People Pleaser


Over the years, I’ve fluctuated between being a people pleaser versus not caring about what others think. Kind of extreme, I know. I guess maybe I was just trying to figure out what worked, and what didn’t. What could I have peace with, and what could I not. Perhaps I even tried to strike a balance between the two extremes over the years? I’m not sure. One relationship where I went to the extreme was with my biological father. Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted nothing more than to please him and make him happy to call me “daughter.” I tried to adapt to his “love language” (gifts) and no matter what harsh words were thrown my way, I would always suck it up and stay loyal to him (with the hope that he would one day have warmer thoughts about me as his daughter). However, after many years, I have learned that I cannot base my self-worth on how certain individuals view me.

Sometimes I am strong in this area, and other days I am weak. It is hard to not allow what people say about you impact you, especially when it is people with whom you are trying to build a friendly connection with. Yet I must keep reminding myself that I cannot control the thoughts and actions of others. I will not agree with people on everything. I will never be able to fully make anyone happy, all of the time. There will be times that I let people down, and times when others let me down. That being said, I have developed some “people pleasing” guidelines for myself:

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She’s Spying on Me

So, there’s a lady I’ve never met. Her name is Kristen Anne Glover and she broke into my home, installed cameras and even more interestingly…she placed an audio recorder inside my head!!! She doesn’t know she did all this, but I discovered it when I read a blog post by her. 

If you are a stay at home mom, or know someone who is, this is a MUST read! There’s so much pure honesty in this post. I hope it touches your heart as it touched mine!
Ahmeli…  that we support each other during this amazing and challenging life.