Monday’s Moment

Today’s Monday’s Moment is a photo of a book I read several years ago. It’s just one of the MANY real life stories I’ve read/heard that all share the same concerns. I remembered the events in this book during the current drama in US politics. I find myself so torn. I’m happy that people are standing up for refugees and people who are granted green cards based on special (read that as dangerous) situations. Yet, I find myself frustrated. Where were all these people for all these years? Where were you when people were dying? When families were murdered? Where were the voices when the government refused to allow people in? What did you do as the government repeatedly made comments about certain religions? Was it because the media didn’t publicize it as much? Was it because you are oblivious as to what happens around the world…every day, for generations? What have you done to genuinely help these people? Thrown money their way (because that’s only temporary)? Or have you stood with them in long lines, filling out forms, fighting against school injustice, repeatedly explain housing situations, gone over job applications, taught them how to budget on a low income… What time have you invested in their LIVES (and not just to look good in your social media accounts)? Will this actually be a wake up call for you to step out and look for yourself at what is happening around the world instead of being consumed by your small bubble? And perhaps most importantly, when the media has quieted down and the country is arguing another battle…Where will you be? Will you still stand up for these people, or will you abandon them once again?
Ahmeli… that people genuinely reach out and help others beyond the it’s-popular-right-now stage.

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