A McDonalds & Birds Update

Two things happened in the past two days that are linked to previous posts. I thought I’d write a brief update.

The first is an update on the McDonald’s post (If you haven’t previously read it, you can do so here.) We made another brief visit to this McDonald’s yesterday morning. Before I get to the point of the update, I must say that the young employees at this location are so


Little One’s star

personable! The young man greeted us in a friendly manner and proceeded to speak with Little One, while encouraging him to focus on school (even though LO is a toddler). This gesture was so kind and inviting. Okay…to the update. I was awaiting our order when a group of older gentlemen summoned us over. They began talking to Little One while he babbled back and laughed uncontrollably. Then one of the men said they had a gift for him. He pulled out a yellow star and handed it to Little One. Afterwards, he explained, “Write the name of someone on the back of this star and then let your mom hang it somewhere in your house. Then every time you see the star, you remember to pray for that person.” Our conversation eventually ended and as it did I walked away smiling, always grateful to experience a real interaction with genuinely compassionate people.

The second update is from the post titled Where We’ll Fly (To read it click here.) Our family was driving through the neighborhood today when we came upon my friends, the birds. My husband was kind enough to stop so that I could take a picture. (He sure knows how much I love these birds. ha ha ) This was the closest the birds have been to our house and I was happy to see them enjoying their feast. Hopefully they will continue to hang out nearby…although not too nearby, please.


Notice their size compared to the fire hydrant? 

Ahmeli… that we will look for the joy around us.

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