Questions for the Protestors


In connection with my recent posts here and here on President Trump’s recent executive order on immigration and refugees, I received a forward to this article which I wanted to share. It stemmed from a Facebook post by Justen Charters where he points out the many times over the past several years where very disheartening events were happening (and continue to) all over the world, and yet Americans were not protesting in huge crowds. It continues my thoughts that if everyone is genuinely concerned and wanting to improve things around the world, then why were you not speaking up all around the country when these horrific events were playing out around the world? Is it because the media was busy publicizing something else? Is it because it was not “popular” back then? These people’s lives are important and we should be standing up for them at ALL times, not just when it is the popular thing to do in that moment. Do you want to just be another face in front of the cameras? Or are you looking to truly enact change, even when no one sees the good deeds you are doing???


Ahmeli… that we will stand up for people during their trials, even when no one sees nor acknowledges our efforts. Do what is right during the time of need.

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Monday’s Moment

Today’s Monday’s Moment is a photo of a book I read several years ago. It’s just one of the MANY real life stories I’ve read/heard that all share the same concerns. I remembered the events in this book during the current drama in US politics. I find myself so torn. I’m happy that people are standing up for refugees and people who are granted green cards based on special (read that as dangerous) situations. Yet, I find myself frustrated. Where were all these people for all these years? Where were you when people were dying? When families were murdered? Where were the voices when the government refused to allow people in? What did you do as the government repeatedly made comments about certain religions? Was it because the media didn’t publicize it as much? Was it because you are oblivious as to what happens around the world…every day, for generations? What have you done to genuinely help these people? Thrown money their way (because that’s only temporary)? Or have you stood with them in long lines, filling out forms, fighting against school injustice, repeatedly explain housing situations, gone over job applications, taught them how to budget on a low income… What time have you invested in their LIVES (and not just to look good in your social media accounts)? Will this actually be a wake up call for you to step out and look for yourself at what is happening around the world instead of being consumed by your small bubble? And perhaps most importantly, when the media has quieted down and the country is arguing another battle…Where will you be? Will you still stand up for these people, or will you abandon them once again?
Ahmeli… that people genuinely reach out and help others beyond the it’s-popular-right-now stage.

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Are We Looking in the Mirror?

As I’ve been watching numerous news reports this week, I have reflected a lot on President Trump’s executive order on extreme vetting. Now (before the Internet Trolls come to attack), this is not a political post, nor is it one where I will be defending one side versus the other. Truth of the matter is that what I have been reflecting on has been happening throughout many years and during that time the political scene has changed back and forth. So, for me, it is not about a certain president nor a certain political party. It is about one country and its entire people – America. I’m simply sharing some random thoughts that I have been having throughout this week.

I try to be understanding of different views and, even though I have strong views myself (and that might be stating it in gentle terms), I try to find the positives in other people’s points of view (after all, that is the focus of Ahmeli…to share our different views and learn from one another). That being said, I understand the desire to keep America safe (what country doesn’t want to be safe!?!). I get that Americans don’t want to experience terrorist attacks (who does!?!). I get that systems designed to allowed entry into the U.S. has flaws (what human created system doesn’t!?!). However, I am still left with other questions floating through my mind.

One of the big ones is: Okay, so we are trying to keep our country safe and search for ways to improve the entry processes. I get that and I understand why people want that. However, aside from 9/11, how do the number of murders by terrorists in the U.S. compare to the number of other murders throughout the country? I didn’t research the exact numbers, and I am not going to because there is tons of false information all over the place, but I would bet money that more people are murdered by American-born individuals than foreign-born. Now, this concept kind of sounds twisted to me because I am not weighing the deaths of innocent people’s lives. They are ALL important and they are the loved ones of people who miss them every second of every day. (So let’s focus on my actual point instead of reading into it incorrectly.)

My point is that I get wanting to stop terrorist attacks, but what about all of the murders that we are committing among ourselves? What are we, as a society (because we should not just place it as a burden on people “in charge”… we all have an obligation to improve our country), doing to stop those? What changes are we making in how we raise our children to better ensure that they value human lives and do not think they have a right to kill someone? Who is stepping up and making honest changes in our society to decrease the number of murders? When will we care more about honoring human life than the term “snitch”? Why do we focus on only certain labels of types of murder; are not all murders bad? Why are we not seeking to change the root of why Americans are killing one another every single day? Why are we not talking about the rise in deaths where people are killing themselves through overdosing on drugs? Can you really evoke change if you do not address what is honestly happening in our own homes and in our own streets?

I just don’t get it. Yes, you can only fix one thing at a time. I get that. And the truth of the matter is nothing will ever be perfect here on Earth. Yet still I wish we would look at the root of problems and look in the mirror ourselves. Do we not see what we are doing to ourselves? To our neighbors? To our friends? To our society? I am sure the internet has played a role in how often we hear about violent crimes nowadays, but the statistics also reveal that we are having more violent crimes committed as the years pass. So it just leaves me wondering, when will we start focusing on how we can improve our families, our neighborhoods, our cities and our country? Will the positive change start with you???


Ahmeli… that we begin to show unity through positive actions instead of negativity or just talking.

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Because Sometimes You Have Already Said It…

Tonight I am sitting in my living room, as Little One sleeps upstairs and my husband is working. I am reflecting on his job. I am reflecting on a meeting I attended this week. I am reflecting on the recent/upcoming government announcements. I am reflecting on my experiences with specific populations. I am reflecting on Biblical teachings. I am reflecting on questions that come my way. I am reflecting on questions that I send out there. So, there should be lots that I have to say tonight and in a way there is; yet, at the same same time, there isn’t because sometimes you have already said it…. (View link)

Ahmeli… that we would listen to one another’s differences with ears of understanding, mouths of wisdom, eyes of openness, and hearts of understanding.

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A Letter to my Second Child

My Dearest Second Child,

Hyachti, you have not yet entered this world, but I want you to know that I fully love swing-1906569_1280you and, as your parents, we will do our very best for you. It is true, no matter how many children a parent has, you love them all equally. Yes, I may have experienced pregnancy and childbirth already with your older brother, but I am just as excited to build those memories with you as your story continues to develop.

Over the past few months, my heart has become somewhat broken. I’ve looked around and asked questions, trying to figure out if these feelings are “normal.” I have heard different responses and none of them have eased the discomfort I feel. I even found a few articles online (such as this one) that shared similar feelings to that which I have been asking others about. You see, my heart has been aching for you (Crazy how that happens for a Mama even before the child is born.) We are over half way to your expected arrival and I’ve noticed so many differences in how the world had responded to your coming. I am not sure if it is because I was already pregnant before, or if it is because not much time has passed since your brother’s birth, but regardless, the differences make me sad. To date, we have received one congratulations card in the mail; that makes just one card in your memory book. Meanwhile, your brother’s is overflowing with cards. By this time, people had bought little cute gifts and would often check to see how the pregnancy was going. We were in the planning stages of baby showers and celebrations as the anticipation for baby’s arrival grew. Yet, you my second child, have not had any of these things. I am not saying that you need gifts, nor that we need to be blessed with a baby shower. Another factor might be that with our first pregnancy, there was one only other person I knew who was due around the same time. Childbirth was like a holiday for just one child. Now this time around, I am pretty sure that half of the country is having a baby the same time you are due, including more than one set of twins. It seems like there will be babies around every corner! I just feel bad because it feels like people are not as excited for you to arrive as we, your parents, feel.  I sense that I need to brace myself for the fact that things are going to be very different this time around. But I want you to always know that we pray for you every day and smile about your growth throughout the weeks.

No matter what surrounds your delivery into this world, your Baba and I love you beyond imagination. We fully support you and will do all we can to help you throughout life. Just as when we were expecting your brother, I caress the area where you are developing, feeling so connected even though I have yet to hold you in my arms. As you’ve developed throughout the past 22 weeks, your Baba has continued to pray over you and to talk with you just as he did with your brother. We might have less pictures, but our love is indescribable. Life may be busier this time around, but we are still making time for you. I know you will be different – perhaps you will have a different sleep pattern, or maybe feedings will go differently, but always know that I love you just the same. You are my child and I will always think the world of you! My heart will always be yours.

All that being said, know that you are loved beyond measure. Society will change, people will come and go, but our love for you will always be solid. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else because you are unique and special, just as God planned for you to be. We cannot wait to meet you and watch you discover the joys in this world. I have yet to hold your hand, but know that I will be right by your side, your biggest cheerleader, for all of your life!

Forever loving you,

Your Mama

Ahmeli… that no matter what happens around us, we continue to show each child how very special and loved they are!

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