Celebrating a Bilingual Child


The title page of Sleep Tight, Little Wolf.

Although Little One is still too young to read books, we have been actively reading to


A page from the book. 

him in an effort to develop and enrich language skills (along with so much more!). To go along with speaking two languages in our house, we have also included books from both
languages in Little One’s library. (Initially this began when a friend bought Little One a few books in Arabic. It was such a thoughtful and cherished gift!) Since then, we have looked for books that will enrich both languages, while providing the opportunity for Little One to see the different alphabet characters in print.

Tonight’s bedtime book was Sleep Tight, Little Wolf by Ulrich Renz. It’s a cute book with nice illustrations; however, the reason I am sharing it is because I love the reason the author has created this book. I’ve included a picture of the description for you to read.


If you are promoting a second language in your home, I strongly recommend this children’s book. It’s a great way to celebrate a bilingual child!


Little One enjoying his book.

Ahmeli… that we would foster a love for reading at an early age; it’s an amazing gift to give your child.

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5 thoughts on “Celebrating a Bilingual Child

  1. One is never too young to read – or being read to! 😉 When my oldest was still a baby, he used to have his “cranky time” almost every late afternoon. So I sat down with im in the easy chair and read from a children’s book. He loved it, calmed down, looked at the pictures… Of course after some time I could tell the story by heart 😉 but that did not matter. And although this book was meant for much older children (probably around 4 years old or so), I could clearly see he enjoyed it.
    He is still a big reader, and so is my younger one. – And yes, bilingual is great!! Go for it, and don’t be scared when he starts mixing up the languages in the beginning. It will sort itself out later. Every language is a gift, and if your son can grow up with “two mother-tongues” that is wonderful. And you will see how much easier it will be for him to learn more languages later, because his brain won’t be fixed on the idea that there is one language only.

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    • Thank you for the encouraging words. Sometimes I think I say the lines of the books in my sleep! LOL My prayer is he gets both languages because it is so valuable. At my old”er” age, I still have only one fluent language and that bothers me many times. (Though not enough to work hard enough at changing it!)


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