Coloring the Map Yellow – Update

Just a quick update on my adventure to get readers throughout the world. My first post about this fun challenge is here. My next update post had the map colored with 40 different countries. Since that post, the number of countries as grown to 45! As I stated before, this challenge is very interesting to me because I love learning about different cultures. Here are comparison maps between when this challenge began, and today. Check out the growing yellow!

The current most views of the blog come from: United States, Netherlands, India, United Kingdom and Croatia. A special shout out to the readers from those countries who continue to be faithful to checking in on the blog (and if someone in Netherlands wants to write a post, know that I’m ready to read it 😉 ). Some of the new countries in this update included: Romania, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Guernsey & Norway. Here are some interesting facts about those countries (please comment if you read a fact that is incorrect, or if you have another interesting fact to share – thank you!):

Romania – They have an amazing waterfall called Bigar Cascade Falls in Caras-Severin. Check it out here. The Romania language is over 1,700 years old! Lastly, the country’s name comes from the Latin word “Romanus” which means “citizen of the Roman Empire.” I’ve personally had the pleasure of knowing people who visited Romania and they can’t say enough about how sweet the people in Romania are! Sounds like a place to visit one day.

Saudi Arabia – The kingdom’s Ghawar oil field has enough reserves that they could fill 4,770,897 Olympic swimming pools. Only 1.45% of the land is arable, making Saudi Arabia the largest country in the world without a river. Almost 60% of the labor force is foreign. One spectacular site in Saudi Arabia is the Kingdom Tower.

Turkey –  This country has so much history! The calligraphy of the Ottoman Empire is proof of Turkey’s artistic history. The city of Troy was located in Western Turkey. Although Turkish coffee is very well-known, the Turks themselves consume more tea than coffee. Ice cream sellers on the streets throughout Turkey will perform a funny show while preparing your dessert.

Guernsey – Now, this was the first time I ever heard of this country! It is considered a British Crown Dependancy; neither a part of the UK, nor the EU. They still circulate the English £1 note, even though it was removed from circulation in 1988. The world’s first underwater arrest happened in Guernsey – a man was illegally harvesting a local shellfish (ormers). And perhaps my favorite (biased) fact, Victor Hugo wrote Les Miserables while living in Guernsey!

Norway – Their national symbol is the lion. The world’s longest road tunnel is 15 miles long in Norway, and called the Lærdal Tunnel. There are only two places in each city where you can buy alcohol, and none in the countryside. To own a television, you must pay an annual licensing fee (I like that idea!). Finally, they are also the world’s largest exporter of salmon. Yum!


Here is a list of the current countries that views have come from:

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Encourage your friends to check out the blog, add comments to the posts and check back for future posts. To grow is to open your world by hearing the experience of another.


Ahmeli… that readers from around the world will continue to read posts on this blog and comment so that we can share in meaningful dialogue.

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