Spreading Thanks – Day 29


Each day holds so many pieces that we can be thankful for; then there are the pieces that we can decide to let either be positive, or negative. Today’s moment was one of

Little One playing with his cousin. She’s trying to explain to him that “teatime” is better than running around the room. 🙂 Good luck, girl!

those. Little One and I were asked to watch his cousin for the day. She is nearly his age, so it’s like having twin 1-year-olds (Shout out to those awesome parents who tackle twins/multiples!). Now, this could have been viewed as a stressful and exhausting day, and there were surely moments of the day that did feel like that (When do children plot to scatter into opposite directions? I don’t hear the conspiracy, but I sure do see it acted out.). However, as I watched these two children play, I chose to view this day in a more positive light. I was getting to watch two cousins play, talk in their baby language, share toys and whine (When not sharing toys.); this seemed so special to me. Perhaps it’s because I did not really grow up around any cousins, so I have not experienced this unique bond that I’ve heard others speak of, or maybe it is just because these two kids are pretty enjoyable…but whatever the cause, I ended up viewing this opportunity in a positive light. I was thankful for the chance to watch them, but more so, I was excited about watching them grow through experiencing the day together. It’s truly a blessing that is challenging to put into words because the emotions extend beyond a keyboard.


Ahmeli… that we can learn to spin challenging days into positive ones.

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