Spreading Thanks – Day 28

Today’s thanks is connected to Day 2. This image displays the final product of our latest Baba Inspiration project – the Thankful Tree. “Together,” Little One and I wrote messages throughout the month about some of the many things that we are grateful for in regards to our husband/father. Somewhere in the planning process I counted incorrectly because we finished before the final day in November, but I do not see that as a big issue because we could write far more than 30 statements on the handprints. I mentioned before that I do these Baba Inspirations because they ended up being something that my husband enjoyed seeing more than I realized; however, this month I recognized another benefit to these projects. I discovered that this provides an opportunity for me to become a better Help Meet because it pushes me to look for the positive in my husband when I’m not feeling oh-so-happy. I will openly admit that when this occurs, it is typically because I am disappointed in how I behaved that day as a wife, not due to the actions of my husband (however he is not perfect either and so sometimes it is a result of him, but most of the time it’s my…. interesting?… personality. Ya, let’s go with that! LOL). That being said, this month I realized that this tree was giving me the chance to get over my funky attitude or overly critical moment, and embrace another one of the many tender qualities that God designed within my husband. Thus this intended blessing for him, became a blessing for us.


Ahmeli… that we recognize the moments in life when we are being taught indirect lessons.

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