Spreading Thanks – Day 27

In recent days, I’ve been around some lovely people who are from the “older” generation. It’s made me reflect on how quickly we really do age and the challenges that one may face as health begins to decline. Some days I feel “old.” (Nope, not going to state my age. ) Getting out of bed seems to take a little longer, I consciously select to sit on a chair versus the floor and what I eat seems to stay on my body for good (thus no scale in our house! ) Yet I do know that I’m not yet “that old,” but I feel like my body is reminding my mind that the clock is ticking.
As I watch the elders, I see their struggle on their faces. Winces of pain. Confusion as to why legs don’t move when they are telling them to step forward. Displeasure with the tasteless, puréed food that they are now served more and more often.  And the pure hardship of knowing that you have to rely on someone else to help you to take care of your most personal needs. I watch as one’s feelings of self worth seem to decrease as they give over to the inevitable that has become their new reality. Seeing this shift in one’s life is heartbreaking. I wish I could restore their bodies. Give them back the functions that they desperately seek. Boost their self-confidence and pride.

As I watch these individuals (and praise God for the dear people who care for the elderly; that is no easy task! ), I am cognizant of the blessing I have to be able to live out aspects of life that could easily be taken for granted. I can easily breathe on my own. I can feed myself (an assortment of foods ). I can bathe, toilet and dress myself. I can get out of bed without remaining in pain throughout the day. I can drive to any destination. I can regulate my body’s nutrients by food intake, instead of with medicine. I can pick up Little One and toss him in the air. I can slouch in a chair as I type this post (I know it’s bad posture, but I’m just being honest here. ). There is so much that I am still physically able to do at my age and I need to remember to appreciate it because you never know how long those luxuries will last. Cherish them.
Ahmeli… that we will be grateful for good health and the ability to physically get through the day with ease.

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