Spreading Thanks – Day 25

Little One watching the band play carols in the park.

Today I’m thankful for the opportunity to share a piece of my childhood with Little One – enjoying a Christmas parade. Now, the parade has changed a lot over the years. It’s perhaps 75% smaller than the size it was when I was a child. This is upsetting to see over the years, as it decreases more and more. When I was young, the parade consisted of emergency vehicles, several floats adorned with themed decorations, many groups walking together, several marching bands that went on and on and other creative participants (including a beautifully lit float that carried Santa). Tonight there was one very small marching band, one float, perhaps two walking groups, several fire trucks, and Santa could be seen on the back of a trolley. For some, this could be discouraging. Either people no longer want to participate, or something is making the parade less popular. However, instead of being upset about the continued poor turnout, I was able to watch the parade through Little One’s eyes. He wiggled and waved at all of the people who passed by. He gratefully accepted candy (which I lovingly took away…mean Mama, I know). No matter the size of the parade, he was going to be sure to enjoy each moment. It was such a motivational experience… to be content with what is presented to you, no matter the quality or quantity. Simple enjoy the moment.
Ahmeli… that we would genuinely appreciate that which is before us without holding it to any social standard. Just enjoy.

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