Spreading Thanks – Day 22


After yesterday’s battle with Wifehood and Motherhood, today’s thanks fits in well. Today we had the opportunity to go to a free event at a public library for young children (we also visited a similar program in New York City the other week). I have since read about many types of programs at libraries all across the United States and I think that it’s great! So, I have developed the top five things that I am grateful for at the library’s baby class:

  1. It’s free! Is there really anything else that needs to be said!?! When you are working on a tight budget, opportunities like this are hidden gemstones. Yes, we do pay for the gas to drive there; however, those few cents are worth it for giving this Mama some sanity in her day.
  2. The children get to hear books being read. There are millions of studies behind the

    Part of our little class.

    powerful results of reading to children. This is another chance for your child to hear a story being read, and since the person is probably a librarian, chances are they use animated tones throughout the book (extra bonus).

  3. There are songs to be sung and bodies to wiggle around. Many of the programs offer songs that work on expanding vocabulary, teaching rhythm, exploring movement and many other valuable skills for young ones. Sometimes they include small shakers, or other musical tools. Even the babies who cannot yet sing along, enjoy hearing everyone sing and they get the chance to wiggle around and show off their dance moves.
  4. It provides time for the children to interact with one another. Many times the program concludes and then there is some play time for the participants. This gives the children a chance to work on social skills, while also getting to try out some new toys that they might not have at home. I’ve personally enjoyed watching Little One communicate with other children, and also with the adults (today he decided to give the adults hugs throughout the class). I have watched his personality bloom as he observes social cues and works on developing appropriate social behaviors as an upcoming toddler.
  5. Mama gets a moment to collect herself. Although the adults are required to remain with the children, you do get a moment to breathe. This is typically (cause we all have THOSE days) a time when someone else, be it the librarian or the other children, are entertaining your child. My experience has also been that other parents help one another out, so if Little One is trying to enter a closet, I do not have to rush to that side of the room because another adult closer to that area will kindly guide him in another direction. It might not seem like much of a break, but if you are at home with your child 24/7, you know how very valuable this time is to your sanity.


That wraps up the list and as you can see, these library programs are truly something to be thankful for. They are beneficial for the children and their caretakers. I feel so blessed to live in a community where we can attend these classes and break out of the daily routines for a moment.

Ahmeli… that our communities would find ways to support one another so that we can become stronger as a society.

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6 thoughts on “Spreading Thanks – Day 22

  1. These programs are great. I used to go to moms-and-tods-groups with my boys – just being around other kids was great for them, and being around other moms was great for me! 😉 As you said, it gives you back your sanity to hear you are not alone in the crazy dance called motherhood. 😉 We all love the dance, but sometimes we need time to breathe! 🙂

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