Spreading Thanks – Day 18

(Side note: I believe I have lost my battle with Mr. Cold whom I have been fighting for about two weeks. As a result, this post is rather short. I hope you still enjoy it!)

Today we attended a work event and there were some musicians playing music throughout the evening. True to his character, Little One found himself memorized with the music.  This particular set had a woman and two men. When the lady sang, Little One kept his IMG_20161118_192438.jpgentire focus on her (Which says a lot for a 1-year-old who cruises around nonstop!). He has also become more familiar with creating his own little wiggles to go along with the beats. He proceeded to show the gathering crowd his moves as he swayed, shook and bounced – simply enjoying the moment he was in. This moment reminded me to be thankful for my son’s pureness. He hears music, he likes it and so he dances. The world has not corrupted him in a manner in which left him feeling any embarrassment. He was living in the moment and serving as a beautiful example to the adults around him about what it truly means to live life and to enjoy it thoroughly.

Ahmeli… that adults internalize the lessons we learn from children, as opposed to simply being observers.

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