Spreading Thanks – Day 17


Were you ever walking somewhere, saw something enchanting off in the distance and wondered, “Hmmm…what is the story?” That happened when I was walking this week and saw this:img_20161114_074942184_hdr

I decided to find out more about this mysterious building that reminded me of parts of Europe. My friend had mentioned that I could find my way to this, what ends up being a cathedral, by walking up the steps that go around a pond in the park. So, while baby wearing Little One, I ventured out across the park to find the stairs. And boy did I find them!


Then guess what??? There were more! (Now I am questioning if she was really my friend? LOL)


We finally reached the street that lined the property of the cathedral. Only there was another twist – a high fence surrounded the property so we had to walk around it. This did not seem like much of a problem, until I realized none of the next three sides we walked to had an entrance. (Please keep in mind this heavy child is still being carried!) So while sweating, we found a way in and began walking inside of the fence. We found a beautiful garden and a school for younger children…but no cathedral. After about fifteen minutes, I realized that I had to go out of that “entrance” and find another. So, that’s exactly what we did and this is what we saw around the following corner – the doors of the Cathedral of Saint john the Divine:


I would dare to say that the details and architecture in solely the front of the building make the long trek worth it. We stood there for a moment, taking it all in. Then we proceeded inside.

Apparently the choir was rehearsing for an upcoming performance and so our tour was accompanied by these beautiful tones. There were very few individuals, but the acoustics and dimensions of the interior made the voices echo in such a way that it sounded like hundreds of beautiful voices were being lifted up. I was hearing the enchantment that I had visualized when I first laid eyes upon the cathedral from a distance.

Then another gift presented itself. There was a visual arts exhibit taking place all around the cathedral entitled The Christa Project: Manifesting Divine Bodies. I felt that parts of this artwork could reach everyone. This piece of the exhibit impacted me the greatest:

I’d summarize it by saying the created artwork that highlights scars that people carry while displaying the larger picture that these scars don’t just tell a story of suffering, but rather, they also tell the story of a survivor, a hero. Some of these people were in circumstances of abuse, acid attack, wartime bombings, rare illnesses and much more. On one side, the scars had a gold substance placed in the area of the scar. On the other side, paint highlighted the scars. This was emotional and humbling. I recommend checking it out if you are in the New York City area.


Ahmeli… that we would further explore those moments when we see an enchanting sight because you never know what special blessing may be waiting in that location.

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7 thoughts on “Spreading Thanks – Day 17

  1. What a secret treasure you have found there! Did you have a chance to check out when it was built? The arches from the outside pictures look gothic, but of course you won’t get a 12th century church in the America, so I guess it is just modelled after the style. It is really beautiful!

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      • Late 19th century, ok. That makes sense. I think later they would not have taken that period as a model. They would have built something modern. Except maybe if they wanted it to model after a few existing cathedral. – Anyway, it is really interesting! Have you ever been in Europe to see the “originals”? Some of them are breath-taking. I remember being in England once on a trip with university, we were riding on a bus in the countryside, und suddenly, around a corner, in a park stood this magnificent cathedral. It felt like it appeared out of nowhere.
        The funny thing is, if you look it up on the internet, you see there are other buildings next to it, but the way we came with our bus, it just appeared before our eyes. It had something magical. 😉

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