Spreading Thanks – Day 16

Today’s gratitude comes in the form of an edible item. My husband is a well-known lover of bread; however, those loaves at the local grocery stores don’t do the trick. (He kindly refers to this as “fake bread.”) So today I rounded up my mother’s babysitting skills (Second part of thankfulness was her ability and willingness to babysit because I have not mastered making recipes from the Middle East without being nearly kid-free.) and got to baking!

I followed the recipe in my new favorite cookbook. Now, I’m not one who can visualize numbers, so this quantity shocked me once I saw all of it in the bowl. I figured that the baker must be expecting me to serve a whole village!

Next, came the slapping part that I’ve intensely observed my mother-in-law doing. She managed to make it look much easier than it was. Tip: This bread loves moisture so you constantly run your hands under the faucet to keep things moving smoothly.

You then press the dough onto the parchment paper. Lucky for me, shape doesn’t seem to matter much. However, my husband later informed me that women in the tribe take great pride in making large pieces that are without holes. (For this reason, pieces with holes were hidden from the camera. LOL )

Since I don’t own a clay oven, I had to use this approach. I used inverted cookie sheets and began by placing the flat bread on the bottom rack for five minutes, followed by the top rack for five minutes. Lastly, you allow each piece to cool down on a wire rack.

Ta da! The finished product that I tiredly…um, I mean, excitedly presented to my husband with his dinner.

This process was very long, but also rather rewarding. It produced a great quantity that we will get to enjoy for weeks (or days depending on my husband and  son ). I was grateful to try a new recipe and very blessed to have family support so that I could accomplish the task.

***Update: I am including the recipe I used from the book Delights from the Garden of Eden by Nawal Nasrallah. vzm-img_20161117_215944
Ahmeli… that we would all try something new this week, even if it seems overwhelming or time consuming. The process will bring enjoyment and satisfaction.

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21 thoughts on “Spreading Thanks – Day 16

  1. I had to laugh at the term “fake break”. As a German/Austrian family living in the Netherlands, we used to refer to Dutch bread as “rubber bread”. 😉 It is fluffy when you buy it, but it has no crust to speak of and is generally very “light-weight”. You have to eat a lot of it before you are “filled”. So if you are used to “heavy” dark German/Austrian bread, this is not something that will give you joy. But I have to say that during the last few years, a slow change has taken place in the Dutch bread business. 😉 I don’t know if it is the amount of expats around her or a general trend, but the bread is getting better. I still enjoy being in Austria buying “proper” bread though. 🙂

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