Spreading Thanks – Day 14

So, we took a short trip to visit friends and I’m being bombarded with reasons to be thankful – which is great! Let’s start with the fact that Little One is getting to spend time with many friends whom he never met, or only briefly met. It’s been so wonderful to catch up and let them meet Habibi. Additionally, Little One is getting many new experiences; here’s one:

Can you guess where we were??? Yep, NYC! My fantasy home as I like to think of it. Which leads me to something else I’m grateful for. I know NYC sometimes, or often, gets a bad rap for being a cold place (as in people, not just the weather ), but I tend to disagree. Yes, you may come across some not-so-pleasant people, but where do they NOT exist? It’s just an element of reality. However, that being said, I often feel embraced as a visitor in the city. I’m just an average female American, so I could be easily overlooked. Yet, I’ve had great interactions with people in New York over the years. That being said, this trip has been the best thus far!

Little One has opened up the door to many conversations and warm gestures. Strangers have talked with him; from the very elderly couple who didn’t speak English, to the young boy with sagging jeans who immediately gave us his seat on the subway, to the German woman who blew Little One kisses and the man with big earrings who was completely covered in black clothing and chains. All of these people, and many more, walked away from us with a smile. This is my prayer for my son, that he may grow up to be a man who leaves people smiling. I’m not sure what it is about him, but I know it’s a gift from God. We then stopped in a Starbucks for a drink. In those few minutes, six different people spoke with us, one even texted his brother the spelling of my son’s name because that brother is about to be the father of a boy. And that conversation started because he heard an older man who was singing to Little One, ask me his name. It is days like this when I love how the world works and how people will interact with strangers, thus making the world an even more beautiful place!
Talking with strangers is something I always shied away from. I was never the social type and I always wanted to start conversations, but rarely had the courage. Little One has taught me to open up more and to believe in the power of the human connection. This is a gift I will forever value.
Ahmeli… that we will start a conversation with a stranger this week in an effort to brighten that person’s day (and I believe it will brighten ours as well). 

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