Spreading Thanks – Day 11


Today’s “thanks” is small, yet big. It’s appreciating the value of a small act of kindness someone does. This was inspired by my husband’s actions today as he made a quick trip to the store for some salad items. When he returned, he presented me with this small bag of Peppermint Patties because he knows how much I like this candy. (Now, I VZM.IMG_20161111_163553.jpgwon’t mention that he may have done this in an effort to distract me from noticing there was also the purchase of a forbidden item – soda! LOL No, that was not the sole reason.) Upon receiving the candy, I was told they remind him of me, “Hard on the outside, but soft and refreshing on the inside.” (This guy and his movie lines are too much!) However, all jokes aside, it is small acts like this that can mean so much to someone. A small bag of candy that costs around $1.00 can bring a smile that lasts for hours. It’s the gentle reminder of how much someone loves you. It’s the small act that says someone was thinking of you. It’s the simple gesture that says you are important. We can do something so small for someone and never know how big of a positive impact it may make on their life. What small act will you do for someone today? (and it doesn’t have to be someone you know)


Ahmeli… that we would each take a few minutes today to do a small action that will put a smile on someone else’s face.

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