Spreading Thanks – Day 10


Beautiful autumn leaves of various shapes, colors and sizes.


This time of the year dazzles my eyes. I love the colors of autumn. The green grass begins to fade away, the bright green stalks of corn have been removed and what remains are brown, frail sticks poking out of the ground. YET then you glance upward at the distant mountains and you see an assortment of earthy tones scattered across the trees. Such beauty that often takes my breath away and leaves me with a smile. Many times you will hear people chatting about the beauty of fall, the hues of color that the leaves provide before they bid farewell, and the excitement of a recent drive where one was able to take in the autumn landscape before winter arrived. I am thankful for this time of year and the beauty that surrounds it; however, I am even more thankful that I can witness the beauty of diverse colors all around us every day.

In God’s creation, there is no color palette from which He must select. He creates and thus He has the ability to display colors of all tones. When I look around at the faces of strangers whom I pass on the sidewalk, I love the rich colors that I see. From the pale skin that reminds me of an old-fashioned porcelain doll, to the deepness in skin with a dark tone that has me intrigued, asking, “what story is behind that face?” Between those extremes, I see a diverse, complex color scheme that tells of historical heritage, success, challenges, happiness and sorrow. And as I pass each one, I am taken back by all the beauty. For it is not in society’s norms of “beauty” that I see these people, it is in the beauty of their individuality, the unique differences that they bring to the community and the special trait that only that one person can display. I celebrate the colors of our faces, for they are far more powerful than the autumn leaves along a mountain range. For these tones, when combined, offer a picture far more stunning than any artist could ever fully bring justice to. And perhaps even more special is that we do not have to wait until a specific season rolls around again to see this gorgeous scene, for it is right in front of us every day. It is right here making our country more unique and richer than any dollar could ever total. It is right here challenging us in ways that could divide us, but even better yet, challenges that could result in uniting us in a deeper level than we ever thought possible. It is right here waiting for you to take notice.


Ahmeli… that instead of waiting for the next autumn, we would recognize and enjoy the diverse beauty of the colors that are a part of our everyday existence.

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