Spreading Thanks – Day 8


Thankful for sunshine and giggles.

Today in America is a day of very high tension surrounding the election, yet I find myself focused on the blessing of sunshine and giggles. Although it is November, this week I have been able to take Little One to the playground for some energy-burning fun. He wobbles around from one area to another with so much excitement that you would think it was his first time at a playground. And then he repeats that pattern until we have to leave. Such excitement for the simple things around him. How many of us face the day excited and giggling? How often do we look up at the rays of sunshine and smile in appreciation for the warmth they give us on a chilly day? When the world feels dark and full of negativity, it is our choice to succumb to that path, or to choose to seek the blessings around us. Which will you choose?

Ahmeli… that we will fight back and seek positivity no matter the negativity that we see around our world.

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5 thoughts on “Spreading Thanks – Day 8

  1. Good advice! Although there was a lot of angry/frustrated talk about politics here today, I still was able to enjoy the afternoon with my little one (8) … We baked muffins, and he decorated them – sprinkles and icing everywhere, but happy smiles and a sweetness that goes way beyond that of sugar! 🙂

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