Spreading Thanks – Day 7

Today I was googling events at our local library when I saw something that filled me with excitement and transported me back to my childhood. They have a story line! Now, if you don’t know what this is, it is a number you can call and a recording plays where you get to hear a kid’s book being read. I loved this as a child and had forgotten all about it! In my younger years, you would check back in and every other day (or so) there would be a new story. Now they have where you can select the month you want to hear books from and then pick a book out of a short collection of titles. Awesome! I’m not too sure Little One understood what was happening, but we listened to a story this morning through the telephone. And I love every minute of it!


Ahmeli… that caregivers can find ways to share fun parts of their childhood with their children.

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