Spreading Thanks – Day 6

Children develop at different rates and I’ve remained conscientious in my efforts to not compare Little One to other children; nevertheless, the growth I’ve observed over the past year has me shouting “thank you!”

Each day, no matter how busy it becomes, I am amazed with how the human body was designed by the Creator. The way we are able to grow and adapt is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. I know this has been going on all around me my entire life (especially as an educator), but it took having my own child to truly see the daily miracles that we often take for granted. Recently, I got out the shape sorter toy for my son and I modeled it and then let him attempt it. He has now tried it a handful of times and to see how his mind went from “This is not fitting so I will throw it to the side” to “Hmmm, it doesn’t work this way, so let me try this angle. Okay. Nope. How about this angle? Almost. Okay, if I just twist it like this…got it!” has been nothing short of amazing! I know he will not tackle all challenges in life in this manner; some things will be hard and others easier, yet I still stand in awe at this miracle of life. To witness such growth is a blessing and one that I give thanks for every day!

Ahmeli… that we will give thanks for whichever developmental level a child is tackling.

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