Spreading Thanks – Day 4

I know this photo is not the best, but there was no way my cellphone was going to be able to capture the beauty I was witnessing.

The other day I walked outside to see a beautiful sky painted like a masterpiece. I took out my camera and captured a quick picture as I stood on the sidewalk. I then looked up (technology has a sad way of engulfing ) to find a man in an SUV looking at me. I realized he had stopped so I could take this picture; that cracked me up. In my laughter, I waved “thank you” and he waved “you’re welcome” as he laughed with me. Such a simple, unnecessary gesture; yet one I was grateful for. This stranger took a moment from his travels to allow me to take a photograph. I appreciated his kindness.

On this day I was given the privilege of witnessing a beautiful creation and I was humbled by the kindness of a stranger.
Ahmeli… that today we each do a simple, random act of kindness for a stranger. You might never know how much it will mean to that person. 

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