Spreading Thanks – Day 2


Inspired by fellow blogger, Ashley Pichea, I decided to put up our family’s newest Baba Inspiration. (I never called it that before, but let’s roll with it.) Nearly every season for the past year, I have decorated the door (though this tree was too big for the door) to my husband’s study room with messages of encouragement and words of affirmation. He’s a very humble man (and I’m sure he’s squirming in his seat reading this), but I believe very strongly in supporting him and showing my gratefulness to him in any way possible. This tree represents just a small fraction of the many things in which I am grateful for when it comes to him. Since we have Little One roaming the house now days, I decided to include him in this activity by tracing his hand and adding statements from his perspective. He might not be able to verbalize these concepts at this time, but I know his heart values all that his Baba does for him. Today, as you think of something you are thankful for, try to connect it to another person and then communicate that gratitude to them. You are sure to brighten their day and leave a heartprint behind!


Ahmeli… that each person would reach out to someone and share their thanks with them today. (If you do, share it in the comments section below!)

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