Spreading Thanks – Day 1


Throughout the years, I’ve believed the advice that other give about being thankful for the small things in life and giving praise for our blessings every day. However, until recent years (more specifically this past year after having my firstborn), I did not fully understand the wisdom in these words. My goal is to outwardly acknowledge these moments throughout this month in an effort to remind myself of them, and to hopefully spread some hope into a reader’s life that day. That being said…let’s begin!

Day 1 – Thankful for Little One’s Excitement for Life

My son has a fascination with many things in this exciting world around him. one of those things is observing construction workers and their loud equipment. Today while going on a walk, we came across construction workers completing a road in the street. Although Little One has few words, he was able to squeal and point to communicate that he wanted to spend some time watching this adventure. Did we have things to get done? Yes. Was it chilly outside? Yes. Am I interested in watching such a scene? No. However, in these moments, none of that matters. What mattered was that I pause in this moment, pull the stroller over and allow Little One to learn another aspect of life through observing this scene. So that is just what we did. And for today, I am reminded how thankful I am for my Little One’s excitement as he goes through these beginning years of life.


Ahmeli… that we all take a moment to pause and enjoy something exciting (and often so simple) in the busy world around us.

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4 thoughts on “Spreading Thanks – Day 1

  1. Yes, I remember the fascination my boys had for diggers, construction in general – and garbage trucks 🙂 They both loved the garbage truck and the garbage men… Those men finally got the appreciation they deserved, with my boys smiling and waving at them every time they saw them. 🙂

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