Doing Right is Wrong

Recently I have been dealing with a situation that has me overly frustrated. I cannot release the details out of respect for the involved parties, but I just want to scream! So I figured I’d type.

Since when has doing what is right been so wrong?!?! A few questions surrounding my situation, or those of people around me.


If you are helping someone who needs help navigating an unfamiliar system, why are you seen by the system as an enemy instead of a helpful supporter? Be grateful that someone is willing to help out because most people are too busy.


If you ask about services that are legally mandated and yet not being provided, why are you ignored as if you never asked the question? There are legal regulations for a reason, not as an option that you can pick and choose when you wish.


If your job is to provide services to another person, why do you get mad when someone asks you why the services are nonexistent? If you do not want to do your job, you can freely go get another one in this country. Let someone have the job who truly wants to provide the services.


If you are collecting data to find a solution, why do you withhold certain data that does not display the result you were desiring? The facts still remain, whether you hide them or not. Eventually, this will come to light.


If you feel strongly about supporting a cause, why does it appear to only matter within the context you seek? Justice should be equal for all people, not just those whom you favor.


If someone is simply asking for their rights to be granted, why do you create such a paperwork nightmare that leaves most people walking away? Paperwork should be to document and provide support, not to discourage people from their rights under the law.


If we shove people in a prison for crimes and provide no constructive growth opportunities, why would you expect change after their sentence is up? Real change must develop within and must be based on a genuine desire to change, not just because a program looks good on paperwork.


If a parent is honestly trying to raise their child in a manner that they feel is safe and loving, why do others feel they should criticize the parent? A village works when we support one another and kindly offer suggestions, not through bashing nor gossiping.


As a society, let’s come together and support one another as we stand up for what is right. Maybe then those who make us feel like what is right is so wrong, will be silenced and true growth can take place.


Ahmeli…that we would support those who are doing what is right so that our society can become a better place for everyone.

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5 thoughts on “Doing Right is Wrong

  1. What you wrote no really made me curious about the story that is behind it – but I can understand that you do not want to go into personal details here.
    And – referring to the comments above – I think voting for Trump would be steering into the completely wrong direction. He probably would (like to) change things, but I am afraid only for the worse…


  2. Well my friend you have just described the entirety of of the current US failing system. This is by design and yes WE the people must rise to the occasion to turn the tide. So, it we are really, truly wanting truth, honesty and change out of our government, get you there and vote TRUMP.

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