If I Ask, Can You Answer?

I have to apologize for the weeks that I have been “away.” Life is apparently very busy right now and I’ve been struggling to write pieces due to dozens on questions that have been spinning through my mind. This situation still holds true, and so I’ve decided to list my questions in a post. Some might make you say, “hmmm.” Others you might have an answer to, and then there are perhaps some that will spark a conversation focused on positive change.

That being said, here are a few (only a few) questions that I have been pondering as I observe the society around me:


Why do people walk in the middle of the street for several blocks, when the city has sidewalks on BOTH sides of the street!?! Thus blocking vehicles from being able to drive safely – and last I checked, CARS should be on the road.

Why do we have people in charge of educational settings who state that they do not like certain children?!? If you don’t like children, maybe education is not the field for you.

Why do employers have a point system that will damage an employee’s chances of staying employed if they decline to work overtime!?! Put a system in place where overtime is done on a cycle so that workers can spend valuable time with their families.

Why does it appear that those in a leadership role are encouraged to not state the realities of negative elements of an establishment?!? If we do not honestly address the root of problems, solutions cannot be put into place.

Why do people stop their vehicles in the middle of the street to have a casual conversation with an associate?!? There must be a second version of the driver’s license manual that I have not seen. 

Why do we put down parents who choose different parenting styles than us!?! As long as no one is being hurt in any way, it should not matter if they parent in a different manner. We should embrace each other, not create division.

Why are people not outraged by the disturbing language that is heard on a daily basis throughout our society’s “entertainment,” on our streets, in our homes, and in our school hallways!?! Real change can take place and we can begin inside our own homes.

Why do we hang on tight to statistical data and various research studies, when it is often easy to manipulate the information to make it align with what message the financial supporter wants to be relayed!?! This is not something new, and yet we hold onto the newest data as if it were holy.

Why do insurance companies and medical offices make you fight with them to get medical treatment in serious situations!?! Forget about all the political tape and squeezing dollars out of people. There’s a thing called compassion and we should have that for one another.

Why do we state that individuals with disabilities have “rights,” but yet do not allow them to exercise their “rights” when it goes against what an organization wants?!? If their voice counts for one aspect of their life, it should count for all.


I’m going to stop right there, not because that is all that I have been questioning recently, but rather because I don’t want to go on a rant forever. If you have an insight into one of these matters and you can explain the reasoning, I welcome your thoughts. Through discussion, we can create change and through change, we can make our communities a better place.


Ahmeli… that we can tackle the questions and grow from one another.

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7 thoughts on “If I Ask, Can You Answer?

  1. I have not seen a lot of people walking on the streets here… but I could tell you loads of stories about erratic behaviours of people on bikes! For example: why do bikers in the Netherlands believe that traffic lights are not for them? Why do bikers in the Netherlands think it is a good idea to bike with headphones on, typing away on their smartphones (and still ignoring traffic lights)?

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    • Oh my goodness. Those do not seem like very wise actions. Neither of those choices seem to make sense to me. Ever get the feeling like you should pull over and ask one of these questions? 🙂 I’ve been so tempted, but with the increased random violence over here now days, I figure I better keep driving. 😦


      • Yes, I know. Sometimes I would like to stop and ask those teenagers (riding their bikes like they are invulnerable): Guys, do you actually know what forces would hit you if I wouldn’t be extra careful? If I would assume you are paying attention to traffic, my car would probably smash you. Do you value your lives so little? Or do you just trust that I, a complete stranger, will take care of you? Which I do, but it would be great if we could share a bit of this responsibility. Thank you. – But course, I don’t, because they probably would not even listen. And if they did, they would think “what is this women talking about?” 😉

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  2. I wish I could give you a palatable answer my friend but quite frankly too many people don’t care about anything but themselves. I was careful not to generalize, there are plenty of good folks too. But until the King returns we get to try and make a difference where and when we can. Prayer and faith, that in God’s timing, He will bring justice to all.

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