Are You REALLY Kind???

Dear Human,

Today I’m writing as I reflect on kindness. Plato said, “Be kind, for everyone you hands-699486_1920meet is fighting a hard battle.” Although there is a lot of pain and suffering throughout the world, there are still people who are responding to others in kindness. The reasons behind the kindness is what is often masked, even if a purpose is spoken verbally – there may be a deeper cause. Where does your kindness lie? Where do the roots of the action come from?

A woman working in an organization where people’s lives can be completely changed through their interaction with her. She created this role and through it, she has developed so much potential. But where did the kindness come from? From her natural intuition that allows her to put into action what others have only dreamt of? Or from her selfish desire to gain a decent salary, without producing much labor?

A man volunteering to provide community supports to a refugee family. He has the power to be a link for the family that helps them to become successful in their new environment. He serves as an example to others. But where did the kindness come from? From his heart that wants to shine God’s love for all people to see? Or does an interest in conversion override his desire to build a genuine friendship?

The family member who always gives the biggest birthday gift. Money is not a factor as this loved one buys the greatest present of the year. But where did the kindness come from? From the wish to show love through gifting? Or to be able to compare gift-for-gift, sizing love by a wrapped package? kindness-710209_1280

Acts of kindness can be felt deeper than words can sometimes take us. There is a power that emerges in one’s soul when someone simply does a kind act just to help another person. No hidden agenda, no secret reason; just to show kindness. So Human, the next time you are about to do something nice for someone, check the root of the behavior. Is it because you truly want to build up another person, or is it because you are looking to make yourself feel better inside? Yes, one amazing aspect of being kind towards someone else is that it can also positively affect you; however, the reason behind the action should be that you want goodness for the other person, even if you gain absolutely nothing from the experience. If we seek to truly help others and brighten their day holiness-1207699_1920without any expectation of self-gratification, then you too will reap the benefit because deep inside that person you helped knows you were genuine and it will leave an impact on them throughout the rest of their years.



Your Inner Voice

Ahmeli… that our kindness will come from love.

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4 thoughts on “Are You REALLY Kind???

  1. Very thoughtful and thought-provoking post! I suspect there is always some degree of selfishness behind acts of humanity, even if only that it makes us feel better about ourselves, perhaps offsets our more selfish acts, or somehow validates our existence. Human nature, I suppose. I know that I go to bed at night feeling just a bit better about myself if I have done something to help somebody during the day.

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  2. Thank you for writing this, it sums up very well some of thoughts I have been having recently in regards to why people help others. I believe there is true selfless kindness, but I don’t believe it is a common as we would all like to believe it is. I guess at the end of the day if the kindness is being received without the knowledge of the deeper reason then at least an act of kindness is still being made. It is difficult, perhaps impossible, to tell someone that their kindness is selfish as they probably don’t even realise it themselves. But it is definitely something to bear in mind,
    Thank you again for this piece, it’s very thought provoking. Mx

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    • Thank you for taking the time to read this post. I agree with you, many times people (myself included) probably do not realize that their act of kindness has selfishness rooted in it in some way. Perhaps this is natural? However, I do think it would be helpful if we personally reflect on why we are doing that action and that may help both sides to grow more.

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