Update: Coloring the Map Yellow

Just a quick update on my adventure to get readers throughout the world. My first post about this fun challenge is here. Since that post, the number of countries as grown to 40! I’m very excited about this, especially because I love learning about different cultures and countries. Here are comparison maps between when this challenge began, and today. Check out the growing yellow!

Map from the original post.                 Today’s current map.

The most views of the blog come from: United States, Netherlands, India, United Kingdom and Croatia. A special shout out to the readers from those countries who continue to be faithful to checking in on the blog. Some of the new countries included: Ukraine, Hungary, Ethiopia & Iraq. Here are some interesting facts about those countries:

Ukraine – Lviv has the highest amount of cafes per capita with around 1500 establishments total. (Lviv population ~730.000 people). This sparked my interested because I always enjoy a flavorful cup of coffee/espresso (so far, my favorite is coffee from Ethiopia.).

Hungary – The government must approve your child’s name. This sounded a bit overbearing; however, as a former educator, I do believe this could hold some value in a few cases. 😉

Ethiopia – This is the only African country that was never brought under colonial control throughout its history. Seeing the complex changes that happen to a family once they become residents inside a different culture led me towards finding this fact to be of interest. Maintaining control over their land must have enabled Ethiopians to stay firmly rooted in their culture’s beliefs and traditions.

Iraq – Production of honey and its trade is a major industry in Iraq. Honey is known as a miracle cure in the country, and has the ability to treat headaches, arthritis and many other ailments. Multiple wars suffered by the country had a negative effect on this industry. Have you ever tasted honey from another country??? My taste buds are always charmed when I get the opportunity to try honey from another country, or region. Next time you get the chance, give it a try!

Here is a list of the current countries that views have come from:



Encourage your friends to check out the blog, add comments to the posts and check back for future posts. To grow is to open your world by hearing the experience of another.


Ahmeli… that readers from around the world will continue to read posts on this blog and that we can share in meaningful dialogue.

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