Digital Addictions?

I read an interesting article today that was on the NY Post website about the effects of digital technology on today’s children (click on the word “article” to read the original post). I’d like to hear your thoughts on the topic…share below.


Ahmeli… that we encourage our children to interact with the world around them, instead of living their childhoods connected to a screen.

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2 thoughts on “Digital Addictions?

  1. Wow. That example is a really severe case. – But I do see the danger, do see the pull all kinds of screens have on my kids. Luckily our family is a real “book family” – we have books lying around everywhere and I started to read to my little ones when they were not even sitting up by themselves (it calmed them, it calmed me 😉 ). And I cannot stand to be inside if the weather is nice. So going outside to play is a habit for them. But they still love playing computer games. I do restrict it and they accept that. We have had our battles with older one (almost reaching puberty), but I guess these are battles that must be fought. I rather set down the rules now than in a few years time, when he thinks everything Mummy says is stupid anyway. 😉 I think in this age of ours, children need to learn how to cope with the temptations of screen devices. Not when they are really small, of course, but I don’t think keeping it away from them until they are teens helps in the end. Because they will see it at their friends’ houses and want it too. I guess the magic word is “balance” again… which is always hard. But as long as my kids can spend hours outside, coming in dirty and sweaty, and as long as they love their books, I think they are basically on track. (And yes, definitely no use of device at meals! Plus no access to internet in the evening….)

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    • Sometimes I feel like you’re reading my mind. Although I’m just entering motherhood, your house rules sound a lot like those which we plan to enforce. Balance…such a challenge and so important. I agree that there must be some exposure because they will find it somewhere and I think that opportunity gives us the chance to have conversations with our children. Sounds like you’ve found a good balance! You’re kids will reap the rewards.


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