You Carry the Future

*Recently, I have been observing the trends I see between the youth from the various cultures I interact with compared to the youth of my community. As is true everywhere, there are exceptions and outliers. I understand that. This piece is reflective of what I have personally experienced, or witnessed, with youth whom I have interacted with over the years within the same city and same economic level, but from different cultures as based by country of origin. The purpose of this reflection is to provide a platform for us to evaluate what is happening and to improve mentoring among the youth. *


You Carry the Future

Offering to carry a young woman’s infant as she walks beside you.

Walking through a door without holding it open for the woman carrying a baby.

A brother braiding his little sister’s hair.

Siblings sitting in the same room; communication only by text.

No power needed to play a game of soccer.

Emotions run wild when a power outage eliminates playing video games.

Cooking a variety of dishes as taught by Hooyo.

Bag of chips and soda from the corner store.

20, living at home, working fulltime, supporting the family.

20, living at home, chillin’ on social media, “figuring out” life.

Silence in the classroom. Homework completed. Education valued.

Timeout #27 today. Homework? Education ignored.

Walking down a street. Greeting all those you pass.

Music pumping in ears. The “what you looking at?!?” glance given.

Guest enters the room and bodies raise, all giving greetings.

While being fixated on a cell phone, the guest enters, unnoticed.

Advice is sought as stories are shared.

Stories are silenced, for advice is unwanted.

We can share lessons learned,

if you are open to guidance.

We will help in ways we can,

for you carry the future.


Ahmeli… that generations across the spectrum unite for the common goal of improving society.

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8 thoughts on “You Carry the Future

    • Trust. That piece is so important, and yet can be very challenging to acquire. Have you seen changes in the youth over the years? Or do you think it is like some people suggest where it’s the same as previous generations where they respond with “oh no” to the latest generations behaviors?


      • I am not sure. Of course there are changes – but there are changes in the whole of society, so the question is, is the youth more affected than others? Or do they just react more strongly, because they are still developing, searching for their identities? All the issues about smart phones and social media and not communicating in person anymore – will everyone be laughing about it in a couple years? The same as we are laughing at stories about people who though train rides were dangerous for your health, or that cars are only toys for engineers?
        As I said, I am not sure. I see many things I do not like so much, but I also see new possibilities. So, all I can do is try to teach my kids a balance between new and old, try to understand enough of all the new stuff to give them guidance if needed. But I believe they have it in them to rise to the challenge. Humanity always has so far, and I do not think the “new generations” are weaker than the old ones.

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