Joining the Band Wagon

A few weeks ago, I was reading a blog by Weird Weekends. He’s a creative writer who blends his weird interests with clever humor. He recently revealed a secret obsession (check it out here). This post drove me to want to jump on the band wagon. Weird Weekends is interested in getting readers from all over the world. Personally, I had never thought of that. However, being new to the blogging world, his post taught me about the WordPress feature that allows you to view where your readers are located throughout the world. Given my love for communities and cultures, Weird Weekend’s post soon became my obsession. I have now checked my map each week. So, what does it look like? Here you are:


The yellow represents areas where readers of the blog are located. The orange represents the country with the most readers.

As a result of this new band wagon stolen obsession, I would like to invite you to send your friends from around the world my blogsite ( as we join together to add more color to this map. Over the past month, several countries have visited my page and this has driven me to research some new countries and recall fond memories of friends from other, more familiar, countries. I must agree with Weird Weekends, it is VERY exciting to see a new country added to the map/list. There are currently 35 different countries represented on this map as having people who have viewed Ahmeli. We can surely find readers throughout more of South America and Africa. Netherlands is one of the top viewers, and I have since read more about life over there. Beautiful place! I was sure to tell my friends from Greece that someone in their country is representing. And I was interested in seeing countries such as Pakistan and Czech Republic join the list over the recent days.

A quilt I made from fabric sent throughout the world. The blue patch (located on the back) states the countries that are represented. This was such an exciting adventure as we collected fabric from around the world and visually displayed how beautiful and unique diversity is, especially when brought together.

Okay, this is a short post today, so that gives you some extra minutes to reach out to your friends and help me reach the goal of getting the whole map yellow! Thanks in advance for your efforts! Leave a comment below that tells us all one interesting fact about your country (EVEN if your country is already listed). Shhh…. perhaps we can even beat Weird Weekends pace. 😉


Ahmeli… that this map turns yellow, but more importantly, that people are drawn into the blog and become regular readers/commentators as we join in growing through learning from one another’s unique experiences.

If you like this post, please follow Ahmeli by submitting your e-mail (to the left), sharing on social media, or adding a comment below as we strengthen our tomorrows. Thank you!




9 thoughts on “Joining the Band Wagon

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  2. Since I am on holidays you should now have Austria on your list! 🙂 Or did you already have it before? Anyway, I cannot really make it out on your map… too small on my screen… Have you ever been to Austria? It is beautiful too… ok, I am biassed of course, but I would invite you to check out some pictures…. 🙂 Not only Vienna, but Salzburg, Graz, the lakes around Salzkammergut, the mountains of Tirol…

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    • Thank you! I will check on the map today. 🙂 I have never been there, but I will look into it. What is your favorite aspect of the culture there? And because I LOVE to eat, what’s your favorite traditional dish?


      • I love the nature… the mountains, forests, lakes. Of course there is classical music (Mozart!), literature, old buildings (castles, churches, old cities)… For me it also means home, family, my roots. 🙂 Talking about food: if you like sweet stuff, you would be in heaven here – loads of cakes (Sachertorte, Linzertorte, just to name two of them), the famous Apfelstrudel, Kaiserschmarren, Marillenknödel (I guess you just have to google them and look at the pictures…). Savoury dish number one would of course be Wiener Schnitzel (my boys love that one!). – It is hard not to gain weight if you are on holidays here! 😉


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