Drive…Drive Far Away

Looking around the world

wondering what’ll happen next.

Reading the news, watching the clips, seeing the images…

wondering, “When will it end?”

I just want to drive … drive far away.


Attacks during 2016 in








Burkina Faso,





the list goes on and on.

I want to drive… drive far away.


Societies are crashing.

Governments are failing.

Money is controlling.

Education is depleting.

I want to drive… drive far away.


Hatred is flourishing.

Love is missing.

Honor is deceiving.

Kinship is dividing.

I want to drive… drive far away.


Is it the rise of a terror group?

The capabilities of social media?

A path away from God?

Or nothing new at all?

I want to drive… drive far away.


The pain, agony, hardship, murders, anger, hatred, frustration, shouting, blasting, greed.

I want to drive… drive far away.


But then I stand here…because driving away will not change the mindset of a country, a nation, a culture, a religion, an ethnic group, a disturbed mind, a government, a neighbor, a family.


No; driving away will only separate the temporary from the reality. I know this. I see this. I feel this. I acknowledge this.


Yet still… I want to drive… drive far away.


Ahmeli… that instead of driving away, we come together as a society and work towards bettering our world.

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10 thoughts on “Drive…Drive Far Away

  1. Yes, the world today … I want to run away … I want to stay and fix it … I know I cannot fix it … still, I must try. It is the curse of those who are aware of the world around us, I think. I cry often, yet I am glad to be one of the ‘aware’.

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  2. We are on vacation at the moment. It is so peaceful here – trees and lakes, forests and meadows and mountains… and then I flip open the computer and see what is happening in the world…. and it seems so far away and strange and so unnecessary. Sad.

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