A Glimpse of War


A friend recently sent me a link to an article in The New York Times. The article, ‘Star Wars’ and the Fantasy of American Violence, was written by Roy Scranton who is a veteran of the Operation Iraqi Freedom War. His article compels one to analyze the purpose behind war and the impacts that are not as commonly publicized. Through his comparison of the concepts of war between a fictional movie and his personal experiences, one is left to ponder the question, “What are we celebrating on the 4th of July?” along with several other deeper questions surrounding the concept of war.

Whether you are for specific wars, against them, or indifferent, this is a thought provoking article that allows one to hear Scranton’s viewpoint, while possibly reshaping the thought that they initially had prior to reading the piece. I invite you to read the article in the link above and then share your reactions in the comments section below.

Ahmeli… that society stops ignoring the real effects of war on all of those impacted.

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One thought on “A Glimpse of War

  1. You know, I seriously considered writing a piece about the 4th and just what and who is involved there but I thought I would save it for another time. Too many people especially Americans would have viewed it as unpatriotic which is farthest from the truth considering my own military service.

    Even so, the effects of war are so multi layered and it’s the soldier and their families who suffer the brunt of its in-humaneness and get lost it its fog. All the while, the puppet masters of war sit behind closed doors sipping Cognac and broker deals to line their pockets with blood.

    For an interesting perspective into the heart of what the Founding Fathers meant by, “In God we Trust”, study the (Apotheosis of Washington.) It is strategically painted on the ceiling of the Capitol Dome in DC. Take special notice at where Washington is seated and what is beneath his feet.



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