Book Review: Hearts of Fire



As World Refugee Day approached this year, I was finishing reading my final chapter in Hearts of Fire. I found this to be ironic because the final chapter was the story of a woman who was a refugee from the country of Vietnam. Like the other 7 women, her story was a compelling depiction of the sacrifice others make. This book was easy to page through because it is filled with real-life stories from women around the world who were/are facing persecution due to their faith. These stories come from Pakistan, India, Romania, the former Soviet Union, China, Vietnam, Nepal and Indonesia. They are stories from throughout the years, including more recent years. This touched my heart (no pun intended) as I was humbled to read the experiences people are facing around the world. It’s one thing to know it is happening, it is another thing to read about it happening. Several times every month I am blessed with the opportunity to meet families from around the world. Many have faced challenges beyond what I can imagine and yet they often greet me with a smile. What an example of courage! To see the evils that can be experienced here on Earth, and yet not give up on smiling. These people, like the women in this book, help me to have courage throughout hardships and to always remember that each of us can still, no matter our experiences, offer a smile.

You can purchase Hearts of Fire here or read more about the book in a review here.


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