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*Today I was reading on ABC News about Venezuela’s economic crisis, and then this article sparked my attention on WordPress. This article (below) got me thinking – why have we not heard more about this crisis before now? What does the future hold? Will people flee Venezuela? Maybe they already are? I know one cannot take 100% of what they read and believe it all because often there is much – let’s call it flexibility – in what is reported; however, I strongly urge everyone to read this article. It gives you an insight as to what is happening in another part of the world (unless a reader is from Venezuela itself). Then I invite us to discuss…what can we do to help? When is enough, enough? What would you do if this situation began to develop in your country? What were the warning signs before things got to this point? Comment below…*

“But her 7 a.m. art class was canceled when the instructor called in sick. History class was suspended. There was no gym class because the coach had been shot dead weeks earlier.” At AP Images Spotlight, view a photo collection of a collapsing Venezuelan school.

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2 thoughts on “No Food, No Teachers — Discover

  1. I have actually heard that the situation in Venezuela is pretty bad – from a friend who is originally from Venezuela, but has not lived there for years. She said she has no real hope that the situation is getting any better soon. Very sad story.

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    • That is very sad. This is the same response I hear from friends who live in, or have recently left, the Middle East and countries in Africa. A person dear to me once explained to me the thinking behind those who seek to take over, or destroy, a nation and he said that they will often target changing the lives of children. This is a powerful tool. They have that saying, “things get better before they get worse,” but for many places, it seems like the better is never coming.


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