Balancing Fear and Raising a Child

Last night a friend exclaimed that she’s worried about having a child in today’s world. I completely understand her fear. I share that same fear. I understand that we should not let fear control us and it’s not controlling my life. However, it’d be a lie to say I’m not fearful as a mom. I worry about so many aspects of the present and the future. There is always the unknown and then there’s balancing between being protective and yet also allowing your child to explore. I’m interested in hearing your thoughts. How do you balance fear and raising a child? When do you decide the current environment is no longer safe enough? How much of the world do you expose your child to?

Ahmeli…that the balancing act gets a little easier over the years.


6 thoughts on “Balancing Fear and Raising a Child

  1. To be honest, I still see the world as a beautiful place. A place with flaws and dangers, but still beautiful. If I would think about having another child (which is not on the agenda at all), I would not feel held back by the bad things happening in the world. That does not mean I do not worry. But I do tend to worry more about the everyday things, like sickness and road safety and silly accidents. These worries every parent in the world has, I am sure, and I try not to let myself be swallowed by them. “Everything will be fine” is the mantra I try to live by – doing all that I can to make that mantra come true. A friend once told me “worrying is abuse of your imagination”, and I think she is right.
    As to your question about how much to expose your children to the world – I guess you also mean to the bad news all around is? That is a tricky one. My children (11 and 8) are old enough to pick up a lot of things through the newspaper, and of course some topics are talked about at school. I try to answer all questions honestly, but at the same time reassure them that they are safe. I try to explain the world to them, although that sometimes means to tell them that they are bad and crazy people sharing the same planet with us.

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    • Choosing, wow. Such great thoughts. I admire your positive thinking and your mantra. The wording of your friend’s statement also speaks loudly. It does seem like such a balancing act to me. I agree with telling my children the truth – not to the extent that they become scared, but to the level that it is kid-friendly and yet honest. I believe there’s great value in being honest with children. Thank you for sharing your views and telling us some of the experiences you have had. It is encouraging and motivational. I appreciate it!


  2. Pray…and pray some more. For your child and for yourself as the parent. There are no instructions specifically…but the Bible does teach us a lot about parenting…just as Christ is the Father of us. Every parent is different, and has different ideas..and that is okay. You will make mistakes, you will do things right. Learn from both. Learn from others by watching them and doing what you think they are doing right, and don’t do what you see is not right for you. Mostly, just love your child, teach them to the best of your ability, and ultimately put them in God’s hands. And then, just enjoy being a parent…it is one of the greatest gifts ever!

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