2016 Olympic Refugee Team!?!


Today I was reading the news when I came across something that stood out to me. It was announced that the 2016 Olympics will include a team of refugees. The name of the group is Team Refugee Olympic Athletes (ROA). An original release of the information can be found here. NBC News highlighted a report on the developments and explained that the team will be made up of 5-10 athletes (the report detailed 9 athletes). While an article on Fittish outlined 10 athletes – 2 from Syria, 2 from Democratic Republic of the Congo, 5 from South Sudan and 1 from Ethiopia.

Whether it ends up being 10, 9, 5 or even just 1 athlete during the actual games, I think this is exciting news! This provides the world will a model of acceptance no matter where we come from, even when you politically “no longer” have a country. It also brings into light a topic that is often either ignored, brushed off, or given only negative responses. The refugee crisis is growing; however, it is not something new. Refugees have been fleeing countries for years. People have been dying by the thousands for years. Families have been dismantled for years. Ignorance has overshadowed reality for years. And today I stand in anticipation of the future as the world gets to watch the Refugee Olympic Athletes in the 2016 Olympics!

Ahmeli… that the ROA will inspire others to reach their goals, no matter what life circumstances come their way.

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