Why Did I Order a Starbucks?!?

“Grande, iced, soy, caramel macchiato,” I happily exclaimed as I ordered a drink this morning. I enjoyed every sip of that drink while walking my 7-month-old in his stroller.

Fast-forward 13 hours later. I am reading the daily news and I feel like I’m punched in the gut. This week I’ve read articles each day on the refugee crisis and the current death toll that’s reaching 1,000 people. Each night I think, what can I write about this? What could I say? Nothing will take away the pain these families are feeling (of those who even know by this point that their family members didn’t make it – I’m sure many do not yet know). Nothing I type will change the political environment surrounding this crisis. So, each night I went to bed and awoke the next morning. Then tonight’s article happened.


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And now I can’t sleep. And I sit here wondering, “why did I order that stupid Starbucks!?!” (Don’t get me wrong, this is not a bash against the company – obviously I buy their products.) But how can I walk around and sip on a fancy drink while others are suffering and dying? It (disgustingly) seems so easy to put the images and words from today’s news out of our minds and to go about our day of sunshine and roses. But to me, that seems so wrong.

Have we become so desensitized that we can read/watch such events and they not hit deep in our gut? Is it because it is “over there” and not “over here”? Is it because it’s “them” and not “us”? Is it because we do not know someone directly impacted? Yet I find myself asking, how is it NOT directly impacting ALL of us? To know that this is happening in OUR world. To know that people are dying every day. To know someone lost their child, or several of them. To know that a husband left his family to try and find a safe home for them, and now he’s dead. To know a mother watched helplessly and in agony as her child died. To know a family member died trying to save the rest of the family by journeying across the sea. How does this NOT affect all of us???

I can’t sleep.

I want to go hold my son and rock him for hours, knowing that he is safe in my arms for that moment. I want to wake up my husband and tell him that I love him and I never want him to leave our side, no matter the hardships we might face as a family. I want to call my mom and thank her for protecting me as a child. I want to say a prayer, thanking God for the life I have lived thus far because the difficulties now seem oh so small.

I can’t sleep. I’m sitting here safe and sound in a nice home that has all working utilities, clean running water and plenty of food in the kitchen.

I look at these numbers and I think, “ya, that’s nice.” So our country has admitted millions of refugees over the years (I hope they were able to start a happy and successful new life in America), but that doesn’t seem like enough. And I don’t, personally, think that relocating people all around the world is going to stop the problems that lead to this crisis to begin with.

And with all of this happening all across the world, it doesn’t feel right to simply take a stroll and sip on my fancy drink. It doesn’t feel like enough to help through volunteering with the refugee population that is being resettled in the city where I reside. There must be something more. I have to find something more. I refuse to walk around and be numb to what I see/hear and to pretend like the refugee crisis will not have an impact on my own life. And until I’ve figured out my next step, I’m going to just pick up a glass of tap water. After all, many people around the world are not even lucky enough to do that.

So let’s hear it. What are you doing to help? What have you been reflecting on? Have you become numb to the events around the world? Are you helping to bring relief/aid in some way? Tell us about it in the comment section below.

Ahmeli… that society doesn’t become even more desensitized.

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12 thoughts on “Why Did I Order a Starbucks?!?

  1. Lol I’m in the position where everything I want to say has been so wonderfully put by yourself and Jill. I know how that feeling of powerlessness feels like. You want to change so much but it seems you can barely even get your family and friends to even care about these issues. I guess that’s where writing helps. If even one person understands and is re-sensitized about these issues, then maybe we may feel less powerless.

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    • Very good point. Sometimes I think even the conversations that felt like they went no where constructive, might have a positive impact months down the road. Of course, this is typically my after thought and in the moment I’m thinking, “why don’t you understand!?!?!?”

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      • Ahmeli,
        First thank you for always bringing thought provoking substance to us. You are so correct, we, (ALL) of us, who are far removed from crisis by our own perfect, little worlds can never truly fathom what these people go through on any given day. We as a nation are far removed and have become, perhaps, even aloof to their peril and tragedy.

        I believe that the refugee crisis and every diaspora of any indigenous people have their roots firmly boiling in a cauldron of political appetency. The conditions crated to destabilize a region are only the beginning of a much broader and more diabolical plan to rule, eventually, the whole earth.

        Whatever niceties this country or any other developed countries offer to choice, hand picked refugee families is only to mask the true problems brewing in the refugee camps. Once the great majority of the refugees are allowed into a country, they get stuck in slum and become a microcosm unto themselves, never realizing any form of freedom at all.

        It is here in this state of shattered dreams with no national identity left, that hatred is born for the new, so-called, home. Poverty with no hope for a future becomes the catalyst for the second phase of the master plan; to destabilize the host nation.

        What can we do? Give money? Start a charity? Host a family? Yes all noble intentions, but at the end of the day there is only one thing we can really do to impact our world and the world of others. . . Pray for the return of The Judge of all the Earth, The King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Jesus The Christ. Even so Lord Jesus, come.

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    • Thank you. I’ve realized to be thankful for the blessings I was simply born into. The ones I previously didn’t pay attention to. What do you try to do to avoid desensitization?


  2. Reblogged this on Filosofa's Word and commented:
    Several times over the past few months, I have shared posts from the blog of a young volunteer working with refugees on the Greek island of Kos. Today I would like to share one by another young lady, a quite different woman, one that, like most of us, views the refugee crisis from a distance and through western eyes. Her sentiments echo my own … frustration that it is so easy to become immune to the news from Greece, Turkey, Syria and other countries where refugees are temporarily being sheltered. Frustration that so many of us fail to sit up and take notice of the crisis, as it is ‘over there’, and ‘them’ rather than ‘us’. And frustration that, despite a desire to ‘do something to help’, there is little, if anything, that we as individuals can really do. Ahmedi writes with feeling and compassion and I know you will be glad you read her post.


  3. Your post expresses so many of the thoughts and feelings tat I have every time I read or write about the refugee crisis. I, too, lie awake nights wondering how it is possible that the sun will shine tomorrow, that people will go on with their lives, enjoying the small pleasures in life, when so many are suffering and even losing their lives just trying to protect their families. It is a tragedy, we want to help, yet what can we do? Your post touches my heart and soul … would you mind if I re-blog?

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    • That would be fine. I was thinking more on this yesterday. I thought even if people (feeling small in numbers as one, but those “ones” add up) each reach out and help one person, or speak of the truth behind this crisis. I believe even that can help. We might not see it in the same form as a new law, or such, but it is a difference. I cannot stand still and be quiet when so much about this is so wrong.

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      • My sentiments exactly! As I frequently say, my voice is small, it doesn’t reach a lot of people, but if I cause just one person to stop and think, to care a little bit more, then I have accomplished something. And truthfully, I couldn’t be silent where I see injustice, even if I wanted to! Thanks for permission to re-blog … I will be doing so this afternoon. Also, there is a blog I follow that I think you would like. The writer is a young woman who is volunteering her time to work with refugees on the Greek isle of Kos, and while she does not post often, her posts are always so touching, so heartbreaking, but so informative. Her blog is titled: fromscotlandwithloveblog

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