One Day

One day.
Something happens. It takes you by surprise.
Never expected. Never could’ve imagined.
You reach and you grasp. You rush and you grab.
No movement can satisfy. This feeling that aches.
You’re speaking to God. Wondering if you’ll die.
Is this your time? Is this how it ends?

Each day.
Episodes keep running. This series never ends.
Asking yourself why. Is a battle you’ll never win.
Flashbacks come. Sleep stays away.
The hunger in your gut. Is silent through each day.
Seeing so many doctors. You’re one in the many.
Yet of them you see one. A face you’ll never forget.

Each week.
The stories keep playing. The truth is silenced.
The questions grow and grow. The answers are locked up.
Independence and self-worth. Both left this house.
You hear the voices all around. Yet the words cannot be heard.
Then you grab ahold of the hope, the advice, the future.
The sunshine begins to glimmer. Perhaps this is the way.

Each month.
The silenced truth. Never returned.
The lies eat away at you. There’s proof all around.
Each piece plays the game. Each one wants to win.
For you there is no winning. The only champion is truth.
Why do they hide it? Why do they lie?
To them you’re just a number. Your soul to them is none.

Each year.
The pain is always present. Mask it if you’d like.
Time can heal they say. What if the clock is broken?
Warmth of the son shines through. A smile you begin to feel.
They keep you going in circles. It’s the nightmare of no end.
You’re begging for the truth. Does corruption ever die?
Each day is like the last. The roller coaster never ends.

One day.
His words begin to sink in. The Louder voice confirms.
You never chose that day. But now can choose either path.
The anger needs to leave. The pain will become routine.
This is no way to live. They’ll never admit their wrongs.
Let go of the suffering. Let go of the hurt.
One day. Today. This day. You move on. A new day.


Ahmeli…that people get to the point where they can leave the pain and begin a new day.

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