Sleeping Through Corruption (Part 2/2)


– The prison guard who antagonizes an inmate just because he/she can. The prison system should be one where people get consequences and are guided towards improving their lives and changing their future paths; not one where inmates are treated as less than human because they are imprisoned and their voice is rarely heard. Your job is to watch over the inmates and make sure things do not get out of hand. That does not mean you should mock inmates, call them names, go through their legal mail (not general mail), provide narcotics to individuals as a pay-off, nor many of the other things that are often reported (yet ignored) in the prison system. Provide the needed measures to keep things safe in the prisons, but do not use your authority to berate others just because you “can.”

– The researcher who changes the results, or does not disclose the real results, of testing because it does not line up with what the financial donor desires. The point of research is to do testing, identify the facts and report the findings. The results of research should not sway based on what the person/company conducting the research wants to find. In that case, it is not honest research. A recent story from Humans of New York  explained a researcher who was discovering that money is the decision-maker. Information from the study should not be purposefully omitted because it does not go along with what one wanted to find. A researcher should provide all facts from the work he/she conducted no matter what results the study finds.

– The lawyer who cares more about how much money can go in his/her pocket, than looking out for the welfare of the one who sought help. Yes, everyone needs to earn their paycheck, but at what expense? Do you twist and manipulate things just to make sure you get a bigger paycheck? There are people who are genuinely confused and seeking your professional advice. They should not be taken advantage of. Lawyers should defend their clients and fight for the laws to be carried out.

– The government worker who falsifies documentation to protect his/her friend. First of all, the corruption began with the lies on your paperwork. In addition, while you are busy protecting your friend’s life, you are possibility destroying the life of another. Occupations have rules in place for a reason. We are not supposed to change the rules, just because it’s our friend we are dealing with. Your job is to be honest in your documentation and to provide equal treatment to all.

– The teacher who teaches to the test due to the pressure from administration. Yes, we do need accountability to ensure effective teaching is taking place. However, we also need flexibility to allow teachers to design lesson plans that spark creativity, passion and a desire to learn. Your performance evaluation might be significantly based on the students’ test results, but that does not mean that the school year should center around that test. A teacher is to inspire students to become life-long learners.

– The therapist who manipulates evaluations and data to project the final outcome that he/she wants in the summarization. Wording should not be skewed to ignore a true diagnosis just because the insurance company wants there to be “no findings.” Likewise, wording should not be shifted in a way to require that a patient return on a regular basis, just so that the insurance company can continue to collect money. A therapist’s job is to help individuals overcome challenges and create a better future for themselves.

– The politician who…well, I think there’s enough written about the corruption on that level, so I’ll end that thought there. Your job is to fight for the voice of the people and for what they want to see implemented in the governmental setting.

So yes, there’s corruption. But what I do not understand is how do those who participate in corrupt activities sleep at night? How do you take steps that you know are not right, and you know can significantly impact the life of another human being, and just take your lunch break like nothing ever happened? How do you cash your check with a smile on your face?  How do you sleep at night?

And as for those who are not directly participating in the corruption (because it is not EVERYONE and it is not in only certain occupations); how do you silently stand by as you see wrongful acts being committed? Why is it okay for corruption to take place as long as it is not directly impacting your personal life? Should we not be looking out of the betterment of society as a whole? I’m not suggesting that we take argumentative or defiant steps in opposition; instead I am suggesting that we work to hold one another accountable. We can respectfully discuss the corruption and determine different solutions. If we do not hold one another accountable for the negative choices we are making, then what does our future hold for us as a human race? It’s time to wake up. Stop sleeping through corruption!


Ahmeli…that we transparently address corruption in our society in an effort to decrease the number of participants.

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