The Beauty of Varying Views


When you look at this image, what do you see? Overgrown vegetation? A hidden place of tranquility? Loneliness? Opportunities to be explored?

One of the beauties in life is that people are designed with varying views on life. We can be presented with the same situation, and yet respond in a multitude of ways. We can either let this difference divide us, or unite us. Let’s see the beauty in these differences and grow by learning from one another. Share what you see in this picture in the comment section below.

Ahmeli…that having a different viewpoint is seen as an opportunity to learn.

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Update: These pictures were taken inside the gate. 


6 thoughts on “The Beauty of Varying Views

  1. By looking at this picture my mind wanders to what’s there that we can’t see. Is there a water fountain? A beautiful garden? A cute, cozy cottage to go along with this cute little patio? or perhaps a tree for climbing or with a swing hanging from it? The table and chairs makes this inviting, so it makes me curious to the what else? I would like to open the gate to find out!

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    • Another positive response. I wonder what negative views one might have/ Perhaps a place that has too many bugs flying around? Or maybe the fact that it’s an empty area could stir emotions on the other end. Interesting how views can be so complex.


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