Generation Rewind

Today I decided to press rewind on my generation – I made coffee at home… in a pot…and began with grinding the beans. Now, I’m not typically a coffee drinker (though lattes are my weakness); however, I thought I’d try to use up these coffee beans I bought from my mother for a mission’s trip.

Today we are so fixated on hurrying from place to place that most people have a machine making their coffee as they get dressed for the day. Life being too busy is something that I am trying to adjust in my life, especially now that I am a mother (see my inspiration here). So, I decided to rewind. We do not own a coffee machine (which is probably for the best!) and so I figured, “why not boil these little beans and see what happens?” I know I could YouTube it, but I like to still turn my creativity wheel and so I decided to wing it. 

I ground the beans in a spice grinder (sorry – didn’t think to take a picture). Then I began the boiling process. IMG_20160511_134609

After playing with my son for a few minutes, I decided it was time to pour the brewed coffee. Here was the result: IMG_20160511_135832

Now, this might not have been café-leveled coffee, but it did its job and the flavor was pretty decent. Making coffee can be seen as an art form. Some cultures read your future based on the pattern displayed by the coffee grounds (perhaps a side job is calling my name…?). My plan is to continue to go through the weeks and see in what ways can I rewind the generational habits I have formed in my life and take a different path in an effort to further enjoy the experience. Cheers!


Ahmeli…that we can balance between the benefits of multiple generations in an effort to enjoy life in a more meaningful way.

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