My 1st Mother’s Day in a Letter

Dear Son,

I am about to celebrate my first Mother’s Day and it is because of you; no words could express my gratitude to God for granting me this blessing! Six months ago you “entered” this world (though you grew with us for 9 months before that and you were in our hearts for years before that). This is typically the time of year when people write about their mothers, the love they showed them and the sacrifices they made; however, as we celebrate Mother’s Day tomorrow, I wanted to take time to write a letter to YOU (I know it’s cliché, but it comes from my heart.).

First of all, thank you! You have taught me so much about life in these past 6 months. I now have a strong desire to become not just a good mom, but a better woman overall. I work hard on a daily basis to think before I speak, and to recognize that my actions and words carry significant weight. For example, today we were at a local grocery store and the man at the bakery was really annoying me. Previously, I would have exchanged words with him in this setting. I would’ve justified it to myself because I would not have cursed him out, but instead used cutting words. Now, I know this is not right – I’m just being honest. As I was getting frustrated, I looked and saw you and your Baba beside me. I knew I had to calm down and stay silent in that moment. I know that you do not understand my words at this age, but you can sense tension. Also, if I do not learn how to de-escalate myself now, how will I react in just a few short months when you are able to understand the words that come from my mouth. The tongue can build one up, or tear one down. As your mother, I only want to model how we can help, inspire and motivate others with our words (though I know there will be many times when I mess up because I am flawed and I make mistakes). 

I know I will never be perfect, but since giving birth to you, I really try to be the best woman that I can be. That might sound odd because you are a boy, but I believe that how I live my life will have an impact not only on you, but also on the way you view women – specifically your future wife. Your Baba and I have a beautiful marriage and I pray that God will bring you a woman far better than I one day (but no day soon because I’m sooo not ready for that!). Regardless, I want you to see traits of a good wife when you look at my interactions with your Baba. Now, I will admit, this is somewhat easy because I married a man who is amazing. As you have inspired me to become a better woman, so has your Baba. I work hard every day to show love, respect and honor as a wife. This means that I’ve had to work hard at learning how to effectively communicate and admit fault (this is very hard for me, but I’m trying because I know it’s the right thing to do). So, not only has your Baba made me want to be a better wife, now you also have, and I thank you for that!


It’s funny to me because I know that children watch their parents and society often speaks of what children learn from their parents, but I see it as a learning experience for the both of us. A strong lesson you have already taught me is to enjoy the simple moments in life. This is so hard because our society is set at a busy pace and it is easy to succumb to that lifestyle. Yet, you have taught me to really enjoy the world around us. You have taught me this through your enjoyment of bath time, the way you curiously examine the faces of people we meet, the memorizing manner in which you play in the grass now that spring is approaching, the way you giggle uncontrollably when I simply smile at you, and so much more. Thank you, baby boy! Thank you for teaching me what life is really about – cherishing people and exploring the natural world around us. Thank you for making me a better mother and a better woman! I love you, on this Mother’s Day and EVERY day!


Your Mama


Ahmeli… that tomorrow’s generation can improve by learning from the mistakes of today’s generation.

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5 thoughts on “My 1st Mother’s Day in a Letter

  1. I loved this post! You are very talented in your writing….you speak to the heart! Keep it up! And you are very right…the children not only learn from us. In fact, I believe I learn more from them!

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