Who Am I?

I’m the surgeon who would’ve saved your life. I’m the spouse who would’ve loved and honored you in marriage. I’m the teacher who would’ve inspired you to reach your goals, no matter the challenges. I’m the midwife who would’ve helped saved your newborn’s life. I’m the administrator who would’ve been sensitive to your situation and helped you to maintain your job during that difficult time. I’m the engineer who would’ve designed a structure to protect your home during that natural disaster. I’m the counselor who would’ve provided that unbiased listening ear that you were searching for. I’m the florist who would’ve designed your fairy-tale wedding. I’m the paramedic who would’ve saved your life after that tragic car accident. I’m the chef who would’ve inspired you to pursue a healthier diet. I’m the entrepreneur who would’ve motivated you to take on that new business venture. I’m the interpreter who would’ve broken the language barrier, thus protecting your life during your time in combat. I’m the religious leader who would’ve spoken the exact words you needed to hear to bring you closer to God. I’m the social worker who would’ve provided your family with a safe transition. I’m the lawyer who would’ve defended you when you were wrongfully accused. I’m the politician who would’ve set a new positive precedent in the government. I’m the electrician who would’ve discovered those unsafe wires that prevented a future house fire. I’m the police officer who would’ve saved your life during an attempted homicide. I’m the custodian who would’ve kept your child’s school clean and warm. I’m the truck driver who would’ve helped you to jump start your car during that snowstorm. I’m the caregiver who would’ve lovingly cared for your parent during their final days. I’m the artist who would’ve aided you in healing after the loss of your loved one. I’m the stranger who would’ve picked up your dropped groceries in the parking lot, while you held your infant in your arms. I’m the scientist who would’ve found a cure for that deadly disease. I’m the real estate agent who would’ve guided you towards finding your dream home. I’m the computer designer who would’ve created a program to protect your child online. I’m the environmental engineer who would’ve formulated a method for preserving your environment. I’m the firefighter who would’ve bravely ran into your house and saved your family members.


Who am I? I’m the refugee you never allowed into your country.


Will you allow the clouds to blur your vision? The choice is yours. 


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